首都: ウィーン
最低旅費 US$40

Country Code ? , $1=ATS14.4, , 2001120

National German.
Foreign English is understandable, but not always.

Best season: May - September.
Summer is usually very comfortable but you may get very cold days in the middle of summer. Long sleeve cloth/warm cloth are adviserble.
High season: During July/August, especially Vienna is crowded. Transport and hotels may be full. Try to reserve in advance.

Tourist Info
Tourist Offices in the main tourist destinations usually have lots of brochures on local sights, maps, transport info - bus and train computerised printouts, accommodation info, etc. Staff generally speak English and they usually reserve accommodation. They are particularly helpful and friendly in the less touristy towns.

Currency: Austria Schillings, abv. ATS or OS
Bank notes:
denominations, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000ATS
coins: denominations, 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10ATS
Exchange: Banks are generally not the best option. because the commission is very high. For the cash the commission is 25+ATS, for T/C it is 100+ATS for the each transaction.
American Express: doesn't charge for any T/C encashment but the rate is slightly lower than Banks, they charge 2-4% for cash exchange.
!Warning Some of the private exchange bureaus charges very high commission. The the amount of commission is negotiable.
Cash Advance: Available at certain banks,usually no charge.
Credit Cards: Accepted in many hotels, high class restaurants, debt. stores, travel agencies, train stations, YHs.
ATM's: Best option in Austria. Widely available throughout the country. Usually accept Visa, MC,Cirrus, Plus.
Bank opening hour: M-F8:30-12:30, 14:00-16:30
Euro: only available as T/C in 2001. The banks should change Euro T/C with official rate, E1=13.70ATS without any commission. however, most banks/money changers charge large commission. American Express offices do not charge any commission and use the official rate, therefore the combination of Euro T/C and American Express is one of the best option.

Basic Travel Costs
Min. Traveling Cost/day: US$40=ATS500
Basic min. price
Dorm bed:160 Single room 250+
Food(rest)local 50-100 coffee 19+
Mineral Water 5 Coke (can)
Beer (rest). 35 breakfast (Cont.)25+
film 70-100 internet 1/min
telephone call local: 2 city bus ride 20

No visa required: Most of the natinals.

Border Crossings/Points of Entry
AIR/Airport: Wien Airport. 19km S from Vienna.
Access: Express bus from Westbahnhof and Sudbahnhof runs every 30min. it takes 20min from the center. ATS70.
Train connection from Wien Mitte station. One district outside of the city district. cost ATS?
Departure tax: Included in flight ticket price.
LAND has borders with Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hugary, Yogoslavia.
Popular Overland Routes: Will be provided shortly

International Transport
There are train & bus connections from most main cities in Austria to cities throughout Europe. Bus Passes: Euroline Pass 30 days youth/senior High season/low season US$309/239, Jpn Yen, 34,900/27,600, Adult 30 day pass High season/low season US$359/299, Jpn Yen 39,700/34,500 60 day pass also available.
Train guide ?
Rail Passes Eurail not accepted. Interrail, Eastrail and the Explorer Pass are accepted.
Bus There are many private bus companies operating international bus services. It is much easier to book seats at their agencies or travel agencies rather than at the bus station where there are usually long queues and the staff don't always speak English. Domestic bus services are more expensive but often faster than the train. Sometimes you must buy a ticket at the station sometimes you can buy from the bus driver - very confusing. Eurolines Pass is good for Czech Republic.
Bus Passes: International: Euroline Pass 30 days
The following prices are out of date, please use for reference only.
youth or senior: High/low season US$309/239, Adult: High/low season US$359/299, 60 day pass also available.

National Transport
There is an extensive, efficient and very cheap bus and train network. Trains are generally the better option between the main cities with buses supplementing to smaller, nearby towns.
The most common means of transport for long distances. IC (Inter City) & Espresny (Express) trains require supplement. You should buy a ticket at a ticket counter, it may be possible to buy on the train but the ticket will cost more
The sign 'R inside a box' means that a seat reservation is compulsory on that train. International tickets are often sold at separate counters.
Student Discounts Reductions usually between 10-25% on international tickets if you have an ISIC card. Foreigners don't qualify for student discounts on National services.

Local Transport
Most cities have a cheap and efficient public transport system. Only Praha has a metro system.
Bus, Tram Single ride is very expensive. By a day pass. You have to validate your ticket on board every for a day pass.
Taxis Metered. Make sure it is on. Tourists are often overcharged. It's better to book a taxi at your hotel reception or by phone. If possible use other transport.

The Post & Telephone system is undergoing modernization, services are improving.
POST OFFICE: M-F 7:00-17:00, Sa7:00-12:00 - Major train stations have post office and they are open everyday 6-23:00. check local info. Poste Restante: Service available at GPO's in main towns. Address to Posta 1.
American Express in Vienna holds mail for clients.
Emergency numbers American Express: 0800-206-840

Mail Prices
Japan/USA/Australia Europe
Post Card
Letter 10gr.
Parcel 1kg airmail
Parcel 2kg air

Local phone: ATS 2. The money runs very fast. Many coin phones are still widely available. The card phones are also popular, cards cost from ATS 50.
Telephone number irregularity: You can find many different digits for telephone numbers in a same city. They are probably correct.
International call can be made from pay phones.
Direct calls: 00+country code + number.
Collect calls are no longer popular. They expect you to use HDS(Home Direct Call)
Home Direct Call with which you use a toll free number to reach your country's operator and ask reverse charge call. You can usel these number by public phone but it lasts probably 1 min. and the line will be terminated. You should go to a telephone office to use this system.
To USA(AT&T) 0800-200-288?, Canada 0800-200-217,
England: 0800-200-209, Japan: 0800-00610061,
Australia 0800-200-202
Other destination, call operator.
Private phone company: From Salzburg, cheap phone company starts operating.. See the local info. Also prepaid card system is now operating. TELECARD from tabak shops.
Emergency numers: See Safty info below.
Operator Asistance- 11816
International Operator- 11812

Youth Hostels: For the budget travelers, affordable ones are only hostels. Many YHs are throughout Austria, which require membership. Without member, you pay extra, ATS 40 for each night unto 6 to become a member. In Vienna there are many hostels which do not require the membership and charging the similar prices. The price are from ATS160, usually 160-200. The standards are very high. Most have meeting rooms, gardens,kitchens, TV, food services, washing machines, etc. They can be booked in advance over the phone, but not always. If the case, phone in early morning of your arrival. They often keep your place.
University accommodation: During summer time(July to September), many university housing are available for travelers. This type could be a single room with the dormitory prices.
Pensions and private rooms: They can be arranges through tourist information offices.

No Info at this moment

Shopping & Other
Opening hours: M-F9-18:00, Sa9-13:00.
Shops in tourist areas often open later. But most shops are closed on Sunday.
Souvenirs ?
Voltage/Plug type 220 V 50 cycles, Hz AC. 2-pinned plugs. Multi-adapters are hard to find, bring with you.
Photo Developing Cost 36x= ? , Films ATS30+
processing from 1hr to 1 day.
English Papers: ?

Tipping: Not customary. but it is common to round up the bill Dress: Casual dress is generally acceptable.
Bargaining Fixed prices are standard in most shops.

Health & Safety
No one on our staff has any medical background, we have limited info in this section.
Water The water in Vienna is very good.
Health Risks There is a small risk of contracting encephalitis from Ticks found in hiking areas. If you find that a tick has entered into your skin, rub vaseline or alcohol over it or seek medical advice, Do NOT try to pull it out.
Hospitals: ?
open M-F8-12, 14-18:00, Sa8-12:00. For late night/Sunday pharmacies change every week. Ususally the info will be shown on newspapers. Ask a hotel manager or a information office
Emergency numbers:
police: T133, Ambulance: 144
Credit card:
American Express: 0660-8566, Visa: 01-71111-770
Master Card: 01-71701-0, Diners Card: 01-50135-0

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Opera & classical music performances are very popular.
The state opera can be enjoyed with from ATS100(standing). Good performaces are often booked advance so tourists often have to buy higher price tickets from agencies. It's customary to dress up to go to the theater. Many theaters have a summer break.
Many festivals are scheduled throughout the year. Some of them are free. Most of them have web pages.

Public Holidays 2001
01/01 New Year's Day
01/06 Three Wise Men
04/02-05 Easter Holidays
05/01 National Day
05/13 Ascention Day
05/24 Whit Monday
06/03 Corpus Christi
08/15 Assumption
10/26 Austria National Day
11/01 All Saint Day
12/08 The Conception
12/25-26 Month/Day

@ Internet @
Internet:Internet is gradually increasing in Ausria. Charges are very expensive ATS90-150/hr. But there are a few free internet access points. See the local info.

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