SE Asia Customs/manners

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Toilet Squat toilets are common but western style is increasing. Toilet paper is rare - cleaning by left hand is normal. Flush with hand bucket.
Bathing Most Guest Houses have showers.
Left hand Do not touch others with your left hand as it is considered dirty - see above for explanation.
Touching head It is quite insulting to touch a persons head. Don't do it
Tipping Not customary. Except porters, and at high class hotels & restaurants.
Indoor footwear Footwear should be removed before entering some houses and temples. Try to observe local behavior.
Bargaining Common practice in markets, street stalls, non-metered taxis, don't get aggressive, keep calm.
Dress/Sunbathing SE Asian countries are extremely modest when it comes to revealing skin. Despite this casual dress worn by overseas visitors is generally acceptable. Religious sites often require that arms and legs be covered. In popular tourist destinations shorts and casual traveler style dress is a common sight.
At many of the beaches popular with overseas visitors, swimming costumes is the normal beachwear for visitors though many locals are fully clothed, even when they go swimming. Topless sunbathing is common at beaches on the traveler circuit. Nude sunbathing is rare, more likely at secluded beaches. No nude/topless bathing is allowed in Malaysia.

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