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No one on our staff has any medical background, therefore what follows is just a general guide.

Apart from in Singapore, medical standards are low compared with Western countries. The most reliable hospitals are found in Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok and some big cities. However for some regional diseases, such as malaria, you're probably going to get better treatment locally in SE Asia because doctors in your own country may not be familiar with symtoms and treatments. By the time it is diagnozed and treated, it may be too late.
Vaccinations Not required in most SE Asian countries, however Cholera, Typhoid, Polio vaccinations are recommended, particularly if you plan to visit rural areas.
Warning Outbreaks of Cholera occasionally occur in SE Asia. There was an outbreak in Kuala Lumpur, November 1997. They usually occur in non-touristy areas with poor sanitation.
Health Hazards:
Malaria Carried by mosquitoes. not a problem in the main tourist destinations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, though Malaria tablets are recommended if traveling in Cambodia, Laos, rural areas of Indonesia and the jungle areas of E. Malaysia.
We heard a few reports of Malaria in N Cambodia, around the Angkor Wat area.
Hepatitis A Contracted through contaminated water and food, More likely in areas with poor sanitation.
Japanese Encephalitis Carried by mosquitoes, found mainly in rural areas during rainy season.
Aids Contracted primarily through sexual intercourse and injection with contaminated needles. Many of the prostitues in Asia now carry this disease. Keep safe sex practice.
Diarrhea Contracted through contaminated water and food. The most common travelers illness.
Sunstroke/Dehydration The sun is extremely strong in this region. Precautions are recommended.
Rabies Carried by dogs, monkeys, bats. There is a risk throughout SE Asia. DO NOT approach these animals.
Drinking Water Check General Info for each country.
Ice Generally OK. but be cautious.
Food Check General Info for each country.

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