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On my journey to New Zealand, I stopped in Bangkok for a few days. Bangkok is a very busy town with a lot of traffic, so a lot of the time was spent on traveling in tuk tuk's or by boat.

In Bangkok you see poor people living in very basic houses and at the same time you see an advert for Coca-Cola. I saw the town as a strange mix of Asia and the western world. These 3 images give a glimpse of my impression of Bangkok as a tourist from Europe.

A few years ago I went to Poland. Poland is still in the sense of economic growth a pour country, but it is not poor in the sense of history. In Poland you see a lot of nice old buildings and to me the people seemed very relaxed. In comparison with Denmark were I am from, life went a bit slower in Poland. There was time to sit fishing or look at a clown entertaining in the town square.

In the train to Krakow I was lucky to take the photo of the nun. She was an incredible relaxed person, that knew were life was going to bring her.
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