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This network is for the use of travelers to offer them a forum for travelers tips, exchanging information, volunteering opinions, leaving messages for friends, etc. Currently we have set up 1 section - Travelers Notes which contains 5 general categories, this will probably be modified and increased according to how you would like it to develop. Please contribute to the " Travelers network" section..

Looking forward to hearing from you

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SE Asia Asia which ITIS covers 02.09.19
Asia II Asia which ITIS does not cover 02.0710
Asia III W from Iran 02.08.26
Europe All Europe 02.09.04
Other America,Africa, etc. 02.09.01
General Subjects that don't belong to any area. 02.09.19
Photos Photos from around the world 99.12.09

How to use this section
Explanation of codes:
I: Travel Information
L: Travelogues
O: Opinions
M: Messages for your friends
?: Travel Questions

We think it's important to state the source of information so we have color-coded source categories as follows.
Media, Internet, Books, Newspaper, Magazines, etc.
Own Personal Experience
Reported/rumors, heard from friends, etc
The information in this section is not confirmed by ITIS Travelers.
We reserve the right to select/rewrite certain messages for this section. Thank you for your understanding.

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