ITIS Travelers : Andrea Leadley
World travel information is changing so fast that when a book is published the info in the book is already outdated. This means that conventional publishing methods no longer satisfy travelers' needs. Through the technology of the internet we want to supply information to travelers as accurately as possible and as fast as possible.

ITIS Travelers is Free.
We offer a free service to individual users (We will try to finance the site through sponsorship), and hope that our information will benefit all travelers.

We are emphasising "information"
Unlike travel guide books, we want to provide travelers with the most accurate, up-to-date world travel information which most travelers want & need when they travel. We also want to make clear our sources, where our information came from.

The World Travelers Network

Our ultimate goal is to establish the "World Travelers Network." We hope that our site will be a medium for travelers to communicate with other travelers, make friends, exchange information and help each other. In order to facilitate this we provide a bulletin board for the use of travelers. We're not sure how the bulletin board will be used, we are still in the early stages of creating this site and are not certain how it will develop. We hope that you will contribute - opinions, suggestions, travel tips, etc.

We have just started and are not perfect but we are doing our best, please log in regularly and check out what's new, then if you are interested in what you see, we invite you to participate in the project and help us to build this site.
We don't ask travelers for a fee, instead we ask that you help other travelers by helping us to create The World Travelers Network