ITIS Travelers


(RULES, Restrictions) for using this SITE

Personal Usage
Site access is free to individual travelers.
The information on the site is free for downloading, printing and/or the editing of texts. However, the photos and graphics on this site DON'T belong to ITIS,
they are the property of a person who kindly let us use them. They are protected by copy-write law and cannot be copied, edited, or used for any other purpose even for personal usage or non-profitable activities.
At this moment our site is suitable only for browsing NOT for printing off. We are in the process of setting up pages for printing, specially designed for taking with you while traveling.

Other Usage/Usage except mentioned above
It is prohibited to copy all or part of the information from our site, except for personal usage. If you wish to use our information for any other purpose, please contact us. It is possible to use our information with our permission.

Link of our information to other sites.
Only to our "index.html" page is permitted. Any other pages or any part of our information is not permitted.

wanting to use our information for travelers.
Eg, travel agents wishing to copy our info to give to their clients.
Please contact us. We may give permission under certain conditions.