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World travel information is changing daily. Info published through traditional methods is old by the time it is published. We want to supply accurate information to travelers as fast as possible, almost real time. Internet is the perfect medium to achieve this.
Our service is not limited to just supplying information. Through our site we want travelers to communicate - talk about their travel experiences and travel plans, exchange information with other travelers, etc.
We want to create a
"World Travelers Network"

As well as travel info on destinations, Our website incorporates some additional features, these include:


in Progress
Maps are vital for travelers. We hope to eventually produce the most useful maps available.


in Progress
These are sections for users to place messages to friends, buy and sell goods & services, recruit travel companions, etc. Bulletin Boards can be found either under the capital city and/or main city section of each countries information.
Please limit your message to 100 words.


in Progress
This is a forum for asking and answering travel related questions. Whilst we can't promise that we will be able to answer every query we will try to find out and inform you, either via the site or personally. Your questions will give us useful feedback on the type of information travelers need and help to structure our future research methods.

We have created a coding reference system throughout the data and incorporated it in the maps - linking the information. We have tried to simplify, standardize and minimize confusion.
Codes in Capital letters usually indicate Public organizations, Codes in small letters usually indicate private companies.

CODES on City Info page
i : Tourist Information Office
@ : Internet or E-mail access point
AE : American Express Office
$ : Bank or money changer
$a : ATM
E : Foreign Embassy. eg E1=USA, E44=UK, the number is the international telephone code for that country.
I : Immigration
P : Police Station P0 - Tourist Police
M : Post / Telephone Office.
M0- GPO, M1- main telephone office
H : Hospital
Hp : Pharmacy
A : Airport
T : Train Station
B : Bus Station
F : Boat / Ferry
a : Airline office However, if the airlines flight code is well known we use this instead eg British Airways = BA, Singapore airlines = SQ.
t : T/A: Travel Agents
m : market
s : shops
c : cinema
th : theater
la : laundry mat
h : Hotel
r : Restaurant
S : Sights
! : Warning, Caution, Attention
X : Unconfirmed info Use this info with maximum care
Re : Reported info unconfirmed by our staff.

The expression "A Street + B Street": means - intersection of the two streets, the entrance is usually located on the corner or on "A" St.

The date at the top of the page indicates the date the city was RESEARCHED, NOT the date the information was published. Generally, all info on the page was correct as of the date. We aim to update often - new info will be added to the appropriate section and the date indicated will be the date of research.

The quoted exchange rate is based on the US dollar. Even though the figure changes daily, the rate quoted is that AT THE TIME OF RESEARCH in order to show how rates vary between cities and between banks and exchange bureaus. For the official, updated rate please see GENERAL INFO for each country or WHAT'S NEW section.

Please send us travel info in any format: E-mail, letters, Fax, etc. In order to put them on our Website, we may have to change expressions to fit within our presentation format and the space and home page limitations.
Above all we want the information to be accurate and clear.
ACCURACY OF INFO. We need to know the SOURCE of your information - that is was it through personal experience, did you hear about it from a friend, did you read about it, etc. In certain cases if you can send copies of documents that confirm your reports we would be very grateful. Also we need to know the DATE of the information
WRITING ADRESSES and DIRECTIONS Please avoid expressions such as "right from" or "behind from". As these can create confusion. Instead please write "East from AAA", "South from BBB", etc.
NEGATIVE COMMENTS (Usually hotels & restaurants). We want to fairly evaluate facilities and services such as hotel, restaurants and sights. Therefore we would like to hear your opinions and comments both positive and negative. We are also concerned about security, theft from hotels, on transport, harassment, etc. so that we can alert travelers.
However we are aware that negative comments need to be handled sensitively. Many small tourist businesses have suffered from irresponsible and sometimes inaccurate comments written about them in travel guides. If you have some negative comments about a hotel, restaurant, etc, please list details or describe incidents, and, if possible, please send copies of supporting documents such as police reports. We may contact you over the phone to ask more details.
Please understand our policy - we want to be responsible and fair and we need your cooperation.

We have our Members Page. This is the page to introduce our members not only to users but also to the traveling industry. This page lists their abilities, special interests, the role of they took for us. If you are interested in any of the members, please contact us. We hand over your letter to one you want ot see. We are not agents, therefore we do not charge any money, any involvement, nor any responsibilities for this matter. We simply want to help travelers' employment