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From Andrea & Taka:
We've had many offers of help and requests to become ITIS members but haven't had the time to think of ways in which people could get involved, now we've though of a few...


1) Travelogues/Stories: we are currently working on setting up a new section featuring travelogues, articles from travellers. The working title is Travelers Souvenirs/memories if you can think of a better title let us know. We're attempting to create a - magazine layout for this section, featuring travel articles written by your good selves. We would LOVE to hear your stories - They can be on any travel-related subject - they can also include Post trip reports but with the addition of photos, maps, etc. We'll do the presentation side of it, we promise that we will try to do your material justice - of course you will have final approval. Please look out for it shortly - AND send us your stories. etc.

2)Your own Page/ITIS Reporters:
-How about maintaining your own page as part of ITIS Travelers? It could be on your own town, your favourite destination, websites, travel activities - diving, surfing, rock-climbing, trekking, etc. If you have interest/knowledge about a specific destination why not become our 'in house' reporter. Track down travel information on that destination, answer questions, recommend sights,activities, etc. We can design the page but if you want to do it yourself, well then it's all yours!

3)Photo Galleries:
submit your travel photos, we can create your own gallery on our website. Please check out the galleries of Abe, Hanaoka and Kyoko.

4) Contribute to the network section: Travel updates,
-'Post trip reports', highlights, recommendations/warnings, useful information, summaries, journals,reports, highlights/lowpoints of trips - if you have any comments or can answer any of the queries, we would be delighted.

5) On The Road Reports: If you are planning to travel please consider sending us emails whilst you are On The Road. This is very helpful to fellow travellers. One option - if you are planning on sending travel commentaries to friends you could add us on to your email list. Check out the 'On The Road' section - you will see that it is quite diverse.

6) HTML Design: Can anyone help us with the technical stuff? If you can improve our site then let us know and show us how.

7) Travel news/events: If you hear of new developments, up and coming events, etc let us know.

8) Promotion: Posters to put up - Are you attending a University or club, etc.? We have created a poster, let us know if you can put it up around your town, in internet cafes, guest houses, pass it around friends, etc..

9) Site recommendations & reviews: - we are planning to set up a travel links page, tell us your favourites, tell us why you like them.

10) Translation: At this stage between Japanese to English but in the future we would like IT IS Travelers to be in many languages.

11) Nominate ITIS Travelers: to other websites and on website noticeboards. It took us 5 months to get registered on Yahoo and then they put us in the wrong section! If anyone knows how to shortcut this process we are eagerly awaiting your advice.

If you would like to use ITIS Travelers space for something else, email us - Make ITIS Travelers YOUR Club too.
Please join us and help us to make
The Travelers Network work.
Thank you all,

Andrea & Taka, Tokyo 25th Nov. 1998

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