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Thailand - Laos
Hi! I'm from Singapore and I just graduated. This is my last holiday before I get drafted next month.
My itinerary:
I travelled by bus, from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur,Penang, Hat Yai, Surat Thani, and finally arrived here in Bangkok just yesterday morning.
I'm staying with a friend in Thonburi province, on the outskirts of Bangkok, and I'll be leaving for Korat in Central
Thailand later. From Korat, I'll travel to Chiang Rai, and cross the Lao border at Chiang Khong-Huay Xai.
I'll journey by boat to Luang Prabang, and continue by bus to Vientiane. I'll get back to Thailand through Nong Khai, and get back to Singapore through the peninsula. My stopover cities on the way back has not
been decided, I guess I'll play by ear...

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May 16 1999 Bangkok, Thailand

Trip to Ayutthaya
I went to Ayutthaya from Bangkok today. It's an
absolute must-see! A world heritage city and it's just an hour from Bangkok, makes an excellent day-trip.

Getting there: is easy by mini-buses near the KFC at the Victory Monument. They cost 40Baht, and take an hour. It's 2.5 baht more expensive then travelling to the Northern Bus Terminal... But why do you want to save that 2.5 baht for? It's more comfortable and faster to travel by the mini-bus.

Getting around Ayutthaya
In Ayutthaya, many samlor drivers will try to promote their 'personal' tours of the city. They readily pull out postcards and picture books to market their services. Instead, it's cheaper to ride with the locals in Songthaew to the wat ruins than to take samlors. Would you rather pay 130 Baht or 5 Baht to see the place? The songthaew gathering place is near the market (with a seven-eleven outlet). My direction is rather vague because I don't know the way around.
The best way is to ask the locals, not the samlor drivers.

I hope the above has been helpful.


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