PON's Great Journey
vol.8-10 Arriving at Siem Reap

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This is the air plain what I took from Vietnam

I arrived at Siem Reap of Cambodia on 16th of July. When I looked back at the airplane I took, I thought it to be awfully small. (When it is mistaken, I am sorry. ) And, the airport is also small.
There are only two Immigration counters. I went out from the airport. I felt something different from Vietnam.
The taxi drivers and the motorcycle taxi drivers called me.
But they were not demanding like Vietnamese. They speak understandable good English. Addition to that, they often speak Japanese. I also could feel pro-Japanese from them.

I think that the temperature and humidity here were little lower than in Hanoi.

Motorcycle taxi from the airport to the hotel. $1
Guest house $5 (Be negotiating $4).
Internet $1/h
Fried rice of stall $0.5
Fried rice of restaurant $1
Water $0.5/1500ml
Beer $0.4-0.9(350ml)
Can cola $0.65
Juice and shake of stall $0.25-0.5

Happy Pizza

On July 20th, I ate special thing called, "Happy pizza" in Siem Reap.
On the first day of Siem Reap, I was asked "Did you eat the Happy pizza?" I said "No"
Just today, a few days after I came here, I was told "You must eat this because you will become very happy"
I was anxious for a few days then I finally decided to eat after all.
It was a pizza with the topping of a green powder. I thought the powder was dry vegetable. But this smell ,,,maybe something remembrance. I realized what it was.
Is it OK to serve such a thing. Legal?

I was considerably happy 5 or 6 hours after I had eaten it.
It was really Happy Pizza


Happy pizza big $8 small $6.5


Bayon Ruin of giant faces

About one week has passed since I came to Siem Reap.
July will be going to end soon. I was exhausted from the hard schedule of my trip, so I decided to visit Angkor city. A lot of ruins are here, and I was just overwhelmed wherever I see.
Maybe, you do not know the size of ruins and surrounding scenery in the photograph.

Ticket of sightseeing in ruins of the Angkor
1 day $20
3 days $40
1 week $60

Wall of Angkor Wat


Ta Prohm, a ruined temple which trees and ruins are merged.

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