PON's Great Journey
vol.6-7 Halong Bay & Hanoi

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Vietnamese notes

At 6/23,
I dropped and have broken my digital camera.
I had ordered one and asked to send it to me.
My friend told me that it would take 1-2 weeks.
I decided to take a rest for a few day because I still had a little fever. Still I want a camera.
To wait quietly at the hotel is boring. So I decided to go to Halong bay with 2-night 3-day tour. 6/26, today, was the day of departure, it was postponed due to "Storm". till tomorrow.
I will write story of Halong bay after I come back, Maybe.

$1=15700 Don
Hotel is $7 by 110,000 Dons.
Cheap room from 80,000 Dons = $5.
Dormitory 50,000 Don = $3.
Noodles from 6,000 to 8,000 Dons
set meals from 20,000 to 25,000 Dons
Draft beers 5,000 Dons.
Bia-hoi (local beer)1,500 Dons
Can of Coca-Colas 5,000 Dons.

6/27 left
It took about 3 hours to reach the Halong Bay from Hanoi by the bus. And another 5 hours to Cattoba island by boat. We visited a big limestone cave on the way and we swam in the water and jumping into the sea from the ship. That's why we took 5 hours.
I was feeling great when I jumped into from the roof of the ship, the third level. I jumped first shouting "BANZAaaaI" The others loved it.

My tour included 2-night stay on the Cattoba island. However, I become a friend with the owner of the hotel "mama", and extended to six night stays. Moreover, I was treated with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all free. They were not the same as another customer's meal. They were same as her family's, Vietnamese food. I was offered pig's blood. But I was not able to eat. The other meal was OK.
I got telephone calling from the family for the meal time even if I was on the beach, in the net cafe or in my room sleeping.
"DINNER" "LUNCH",,,,,another,,,

They took me to a market. I did not see anybody but Vietnamese people. They were selling pig heads without head skin, but with eye balls. When I was watching at sellers cooking, I noticed that their knife was not sharp. I sharpened some of them. Next day they were smiling to me showing their fingers with cut shin.

The last day of my stay was Saturday. At night of Friday, I was told that from tomorrow, may rich people would come here so they could not let me stay here during weekend. Please go back to Hanoi tomorrow. I said in this case I will pay for the weekend price. They said $20 per day. I was paying $7 per day. I could not pay for the price so I decided to go back to Hanoi.

Tour for 2 night 3 day $35 including the meal, the bus sightseeing of the limestone cave and the trekking of the Cattoba island. The ticket of the bus and the boat is open ticket.
Hotel $7
If you wants the telephone number of the hotel on the Cattoba island and the staff of the tour. Please ask me. They can speak English.


There is no drunken men in Hanoi.
Everyone is drinking the beer in Biahoi.
However , nobody are fuddled.
People come to Biahoi by motorcycle or car.
Very nice prace.

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