PON's Great Journey
vol.52 Bali again 2

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January, 2006

I wonder why I come back to Bali so many times.
I used to come to Thailand often. I love Thai food. Even I go to other counties, it is very convenient to make preparation in Thailand. Not exactly like in Tokyo but I can find the most of the necessary items. Comparing to Thailand, it is very inconvenient in Bali. The airfare tickets from here is expensive but despite of the bad factors, I come back to Bali. I think there are parties.

Grilled whole pig. They make sate from it. They cook from a live pig. Today, they ate four pigs.

Kite festival in Sanur.

They are very serious. The photos cannot tell you this festival well. The kites are very big. Too big to handle by one person.


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