PON's Great Journey
vol.5 Border China - Vietnam

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Border between China and Vietnam

6/21 (Monday) 7:58
I took the train , for Ping Xiang from Nanning.
On the train, I met with Polish people again whom I had met at the hotel in Ninnang. They said that they had visited a lot of countries such as South Africa and Mongolia.
(There were a lot of part of the conversation that I did not understand though they were speaking to me, because I was not good at understanding English. Regret. ) Their destination was the same to mine.
Nanning-Ping Xiang-border-Dongdang.

We arrived at the Ping Xiang station, four hours later. We went to the border by toku-toku from the station together. We changed the yuan of China to Don of Vietnam by the driver of the toku-toku. I did not know it could change money here. They had checked the exchange rate at the bank the day before in Nanning.
They insisted on their rate to the driver who tried overcharging us. Wonderful !! I'm so lucky to be with them.

At the immigrations, I was lucky again. They taught me how to fill out the medical card, immigration cards, etc. from them.
They were very much accustomed to this process.
I crossed a border for the first time on foot .
This border between China and Vietnam was drawn on the ground, it was very unusual.
I straddled over the line.

We shared the taxi from the Vietnamese immigration to Dongdang.Though I was planning to stay in Dongdang, when they got out of the taxi, they stopped another car immediately.and talked to the driver. Then they looked at me and said "??????,.:;@&&#$% HANOI *@+,??"

They beckoned to me.
I understood only "HANOI"' in their words which was 150km away from here.
I could not believe .how it would become it fast. at 5:00PM of the same day, I was in Hanoi. Unbelievable! But it was true.
And we went to a hotel, $6 offered by a tout on the street. Quick work.

Everything happened on me today was unbelievable.
I think that it was not so easy if I was alone today.
Even if I tried to do now, I still do not have any confidence at all.
I think that I am really really lucky.

Vietnamese Immigration

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