PON's Great Journey
vol.41-42 Kakadu Nat'l Park

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October 5, 2005

This is Kakadu National Park,
one of the World Heritage sites

We are inside of the park. It is really large area. I finally could reach a sign board.

I swam here. But there was no photos for my swimming because my partner did not like to swim with me and he was very much afraid to drop my camera.

Even though this is a site for a National Park and for World Heritage, it is Ok to camp here. In Australia, we are not allowed to set a tent anywhere but permitted camp sites. You even cannot sleep in a car at all. We have been warned only one so far in our trip.

October 20, 2005

This is inside of the Kakadu National Park. No matter how long I walk around this park, I cannot see anybody. As I walked, I was very scared and I gradually walked faster.

There were many flowers blooming and cute kangaroos jumping around but it is really scary.
I am very glad that there are no crocodiles here.

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