PON's Great Journey
vol.35-36 Australia 2

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June 15, 2005

During traveling, I meet many different people in various places .
They speak different languages, such as Hebrew, Korean, German, Japanese and etc. But we manage communication anyway.
The person you see in many photo is "Makichan" whom I am traveling around with me. He is from Osaka and a surfer. He has come to Australia many times before and this is why he
knows anything about Australia .

April 4, 2005

Hot Hotter Hottest
13:47, April 4, 2005 We are driving on the Australia continent. The temperature inside of the our car is 97.7F or 39.3C. We met a Japanese riding a motorbike alone under this heat. He is a great Japanese. He told me that renting his bike costs more than A$100 per day. The rental cost for 2 weeks is much more than the cost of our car. Incredible.


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