PON's Great Journey
vol.3-4 Guangzhou to Ninnang

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It is only one night stay in Kuangchou.
I decided it to the room of the air conditioner because I felt heavy.

There is not Japanese environment in the net cafe
I make mail with my PC.
It drops to FD.
After that, it is made an attached file.
I sends it.
I am wonderful. Self-praise.
However, the FD drive did not attach to the PC of the net cafe.
Do you get such a thing believed?
For such reasons,I am not doing in Kuangchou at all.
I only bought the ticket to go to (Nan-nin).

Temperature Hot
Humidity steams very much
Hotel(Even the station is 10 minutes on foot. )100 yuan
Kuangchou-Nanning 173 yuan
$1=8.21 yuan

Train from Guangzhou to Nanning


Departing Guangzhou on 04:02 PM to Nan-ning
It is AM 05:30, the following morning. that I arrived at Nanning

My physical condition had been already the worst before I I took the train.
My brain didn't work at all.
I took the train without having lunch.
I did not eat anything in the train.
I was feeling too bad even to drink beer.

I worried that I could be too early to find a hotel when I arrived at the station at 5:30 AM and that I was not able to stroll with my heavy luggage as I did in Guangzhou.

On the train I did not think to be able to sleep well. However, I slept before six o'clock. It was mysterious.

Though I woke up at about AM 2:30 because of my stomach.I was the worst. The tummy was the worst. I went to the rest room every 10 minutes.
The train had finally arrived at the station.
Thank to my God.
Where is a rest room? Where is there a hotel?

Yes. Bingo. Oh my Luck!
There was a hotel in the front of the station and in front my eyes.
How lucky I was!
I would take any hotel. The money was not the matter.

At the hotel, a girl in reception desk.
She was lovely!
She was be able to speak English!!
The price of the room was 70 yuan!!!

I saw the room. I decided to take the room with a toilet (This was the most important), the shower ,and the air conditioner.
The hotel was beautiful, cheap, clean, and near the station and next to a restaurant. It was a heavenly hotel for me of today.

I checked my temperature in the room, It was 38 degrees.
I was just like dead on the bed here for next three days.
The fever did not fall, but my liver and my stomach were terribly energetic. They demanded food and alcohol.
However, my intestines were still the worst. I cannot express how bad they were. It was just like water.I took some antibiotic pills and nutrient supplements and kept sleeping.

I worried about my visa. I had to move to Vietnam unless I was staying here illegally.

Hotel single 70 yuan with a toilet, hot shower, air conditioned. The dormitory 30 yuen, rooms with communal toilet and shower 50 yuen.

one of the Adult shops often seen in China

Street of Ninnang

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