PON's Great Journey
vol.29-31 Bali

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January 20, 2005

Now I'm in Bali Island. I had thought that the Bali Island suited to me. After I landed this island, I had this thought much stronger. I feel my heart is throbbing everywhere.
The houses, the furniture, the interior of the shops, the clothes of people, etc.
It has moved deeply for me though it might be usual for the people in Bali.
I always forgot my camera when I go out. That's why I regret for not be able to take good photos.

Beer 10000Rp - 20000Rp
Room 90000Rp +
Fried rice 4000Rp - 20000Rp
Mineral water 500ml 1500Rp - 2500Rp
Sushi 52000Rp
Pizza 20000Rp +
Bali coffee 4000Rp - 9000Rp

Anyway, the range of the price is large.

February 01, 2005

Bali 2.
I am so happy every day
That's why, I didn't open my laptop long time.
This is an update after a long time.

Dolphin watching Rp35000

February 11, 2005

I got the license of diving in Bali.
Why have I not taken it before?

Open Water $340
Adovans $230
Fun diving (2 dives) $45-$60

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