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November 27, 2004

Yesterday, I arrived at KL. I met a person I met in Japan who was living in Koenji, Tokyo for 7 years and was one of the staff for Restaurant Matahari in Koenji where I had a part. We had a big talk about Koenji and I did not want to go back to my hostel. What the coincident !!! He allowed me to use his photo to my web page. While I am traveling, I really encounter to so many coincident. It is really unbelievable.

Today I went to Indonesian embassy but I forgot it is Saturday. The embassy was closed. I went to there under this heat sun. On the way, beautiful and suspicious ladies talked to me in JAPANESE!!! I thought if they knew I was a Japanese, I may have some problem so I replied to them in Thai and I left. In fact I faced similar case yesterday when I was looking for a hostel and replied in Thai to get rid of them, but today one of the beautiful ladies said "I can speak in Thai a bit."
I was surprised and said "ReallyH"
Since I could not speak any more, I had a big problem. I just spoke all Thai I knew and left from there.

Bus from Cameron Highland to KL:RM13.0
Room in KL double: R27.5
Drinking water 1.5L: RM1.8-2.4
Beer: RM5.7+

I ate Sushi eats in KL.
I think I had homesickness probably I did, because from the day I arrived at KL, I really wanted to eat Japanese food.

When you go to KL and became homesick, please try to go to this sushi restaurant. They serve cheap and good sushi.
They have wide range of good Japanese food, much more than ones on my photo, tempura, yakitori, eel, Japanese noodle, grilled fish and etc. I took the photos for all menu but I decided to show only a part of them.

Chirashi sushi RM8.0
Beer RM7.5

GL-13 BB Park Low Yat Plaza
Jalan Gukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone 603-2143 1668

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