PON's Great Journey
vol.19-20 Penang, Malaysia

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Entering Malaysia

Penang island

Friends I met in Cambodia before.

October 6, 2004

I arrived at Penang island from Tao island of Thailand by boat and train.
I was amazed twice in a day. The first time was that I met a friend of mine in the train whom I met in Phnom Penh of Cambodia.
The second time was that I met another friend of mine in a shopping plaza whom I traveled with me in Cambodia and Thailand.
I had met English friend before in Hua Hin, Thailand. This is the third time.

I went to Batu Ferringhi beach with my friend after I had spent 4 or 5 days in Georgetown of Penang island and I stayed in a hotel which was used for filming. They posted a big board saying so. At the hotel I met another friend, Malay-Indian, who called himself a former gangster. He took us around the island with his car. He drove the car drinking beer, I don't know if it wasn't against the law. I have not to be on the beach yet.
I am just watching the sea and I becomes it is comfortable to me.

Boat from Koh Tao to Chumpon 450B
Train to Butterworth 2 nd class sleeper 900B. I lost the ticket
Beer in Penang RM13(large bottle)
Room in Penang RM30(triple room)

October 22, 2004

5 days after I came to the beach Batu Ferringhi, I got high fever. At the beginning, I did not have any clear subjective symptom and on the previous day, 15 th day, I went to see water falls with N whom I share a room, got lost in the forest and walked for one and a half hours under sun. I thought I got a light sun stroke.

But on the following day, 16 th, I felt sick and I checked my temperature. It was 39 degree Celsius. I even could not eat. In the mean time, I took a pill for fever which I bought in Vietnam

On the 17 th, No improvement. I went to a pharmacy. They gave me a medicine saying that if this did not work, I have to see a doctor. I took it and kept groaning for a day on bed without eating No appetite

On 18 th, I went to a clinic by myself at 8:30 but it was too early. For 1 hour, I waited in front of the closed shutter. Finally a nurse came and opened the shutter. I could eat on a chair but I had to wait for another 40 minutes until the doctor arrived. I did not have any energy even to get angry at all. He checked me for only 5 minutes and took my temperature then saw my throat. That's all.
"it is Influenza. Just take this pill and sleep."
Hey you. Are you absolutely sure that I got influenza? Do you find it out by just such a simple examination!!!??? But I could not find a right word to tell him and I did not have any energy to think the word.

On 19 th, I was still on the bed. No appetite still. If I could make delivered sushi, I definitely did it so and eat. Japanese noodle is OK too but I did not have any energy to go out to eat. I asked N to buy soy been milk and took it. My mind was still not working at all. All of the sudden, I worried about N. The doctor said that it did not infect to others but I wondered if influenza was not be passed over to others. N came back from the beach then I proposed him to stay in a different room because of my illness.

On 20 th. Nothing changed. But it was too late. N who moved to another room had it and his condition was worse than mine. He called a doctor.

On 21 th, In the morning, I was a little below 38 degrees. N looked still quite bad. He called the doctor again. The doctor asked the manager of the hotel to cook rice soup. I envied very much. Calling a doctor was much better than visiting him. In the evening, my appetite suddenly came back. I went out. I wondered when was the last time I went out to eat? I thanked to the god for my appetite's coming back. I just smiling while eating. The first food sicnce my illness happened was sirloin steak.

On 22 nd, 36.5 degree. N is also recovered in this morning. Younger, quicker to recover.

This is the story of my suffering from Influenza. It was emotionally very hard to be sick alone in a foreign country. But now I am fine and I almost forgot about the suffering. I have not been in the water yet.
I enclosed a photo of Malaysia version Hideki Matsui, a famous Major League baseball player.

Malaysia's Hideki Matsui

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