PON's Great Journey
vol.17 Hua HIn

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Sunset at Hua Hin Beach

I headed to the south from Bangkok by train on September 21,

and I arrived at Hua-Hin to visit the beach.
I rent and drove a motorcycle around here.
Suddenly I came across a pineapple field. I was very excited because I have never seen pineapples are growing.

I met many people and became friends with them in Hua-Hin.
They are a Japanese university student who travels alone and a couple who came from Sweden. I drank all night with them.

I also met a group of Japanese college girls who came to Thailand as volunteers. The persons of the picture below are a professional racer of HONDA in Thailand and his wife.
They cooked Thai suki, curry, salad at their guest house everyday and invited me. Since I spent too much in Bangkok, I was very glad for their treat.

The beach is very close to my guest house. There are a lot of restaurants and stalls. It was very enjoyable because I rent a motorcycle every day. I spent Hua-Hin very peacefully .

Train fare from Bangkok to Hua Hin, 2nd class seat: 205B
Motorcycle rental, Honda 110cc: 200B/day
Internet: 1B/min.

New my HP


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