PON's Great Journey
vol.16 Enjoying Bangkok

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September 15, 2004

an update after a long time.
my passport:shows 8/30 for entering Bangkok in Thailand
It was quickly passed two weeks in Bangkok.
My rhythm of traveling has been changed since I came to Bangkok. The tempo is fast here.
Three friends of mine came from Tokyo and a friend whom I met in Cambodia also came to Bangkok. I have also a couple of friends living in Bangkok.
Until I came to Bangkok, I was always alone.traveling in China, Vietnam and Cambodia,

I am glad, very glad to see my friends.
I have been wasting money never like before. I was always trying to save money until now.

However, I am very happy.

Beer: B20-60
Rooms: B140(I think that this is specially cheap.)
Noodle: B25-
Taxi: first ride B35

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