PON's Great Journey
vol.14-15 Border town Koh Kong

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Village of Koh Kong, border town with Thailand.
There is a bridge leading to the border which made much easier to travel to Thailand. Before it was built, the tourists coming from Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville stayed here for a night
The bridge made possible to travel to Bangkok from Phnom Penh in a day. This's why, they do not stay here any more and the village has been going downhill terribly.

It is raining heavily now. It is a rainy season. It does not rain all day. It rains for one or two hours, but It rain very heavily.
It is 3 or 4 o'clock at night. The sound of the rain woke me up, even if I got drunk and I had fallen asleep deeply.

I rent a motorcycle yesterday, but the road was very bad and it was badly muddy.
Obviously I could not run fast. I could not even control it.
Further more I was overtaken by a child's motorbike
The child of about ten years old could ride a motorcycle here because it doesn't require a license.
I reached a beautiful place at last after I struggled badly.

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