PON's Great Journey
vol.1-2 Japan to Shanghai

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Leaving from Japan by boat. Now I am in Shanghai

It is an environment to be able to do mail for the first time now after it leaves.
I am safely in Shanghai.
I got to know the Japanese in Shanghai.
I stayed at his apartment house.
(The room 24th floor...and very wide...So nice house)
I think that I am lucky.
I go to Kuangchou by train today.
It is necessary for 24 hours.

The highest temperature 34 degrees
Time lowest temperature 24 degrees
Shanghai to Kuanzhou 558 yuan (1$=8.21 yuan)
Bottle beer 640ml 3.9 yuan
cup noodle(large) 3.4 yuan

Breakfast in Shanghai.

Breakfast in Shanghai.
Fried bread and soybean milk.
In the bowl that pours the soybean milk, there is granulated sugar.
I bought the box lunch in the train,25 yuan. Large
I became acquainted with the lorry driver in the train.
However, there is little conversation. Our talk in writing, in Kanji.
But few word.
However, I got dinner from him. why?
I arrived at Guangchou, and I searched for the hotel.
I was called by a tout.
I decided to leave it to him.
He had a lot of hotel pamphlets and tables of the price.
I pointed at the hotel of 100 yuan.
He carried my bag.Thank you.

Room with 100 yuen

Food in the train

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