Yoshi's Trip 2004
Shangri-la, Yunnan, China

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Song Zanlin Temple
Center of Tibet Buddhism for the soul of Tibetan in Yunnnan.
Shangri-La, former Zhong Dian, next to Tibet, was a part of Tibet. After Tibet was occupied by Chinese troop, this area was taken away from Tibet and was included to Yunnan. The majority of people is Tibetan. Excellent town to visit to have a feeling of Tibet.
Pagoda in a land of Shangri-La

Song Zanlin Si Temple

Buddha of Song Zanlin Si Temple

Song Zanlin Si Temple

Tarcho flag whiten Buddhism scripts near Song Zanlin Si Temple

Tibetan monks in a field

Tibetan woman
she is keeping yaks and making tea for the break.

Yak, buffalo in Tibet

terrace of pool, limestone formation.

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