Taka trip 2003
Vietnamese Train

March, 2003

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a/c Soft Seats
Many different types of classes are available. Fan hard seat, fan soft seats, a/c soft seats, fan hard berth, fan soft berth, a/c hard berth, a/c soft berth.

a/c Soft Berth
Hard berth used to have no mattress 10 years ago but now it has "thin" mattress. They are 3 levels and 6 beds in a cabin. Soft berth has "comfortable thick" mattress and 2 level. 4 beds in a cabin.
3 different type of trains. E1/2 is the best and fastest train and the most expensive. S1/2 is also expensive and fast. other trains are cheap but trains are old and slower.

3 meals are included. They look bad but surprisingly, they are much more delicious than food of restaurants.

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