Taka trip 2003
People in Sapa, Vietnam

March 27, 2003

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Black Hmong's girl
The common minority group in Sapa.

Tourist surrounded by Hmong's sellers
Hmongs are selling their products on street. Once you show a sign which you want to buy some, hundreds women come and start shouting "Buy from me buy from me"

Hmongs' sellers
Once you sit at a restaurant, they show their product and are wait patiently.

Dzao minority
They are selling in the market. They are wearing distinctive red hats.

Dzao girls
Their stitchings are most delicate and excellent quality.

Dzao'g boy
Boys are also very stylish.

Flower Hmong
As they are called, their cloth are most colorful and beautiful.

Flower Hmong girl
She is making cloth in the market as she sell.

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