Taka trip 2003
Mandalay, Myanmar

Feb 5, 2003

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Palace in Mandalay Fort
This fort used to require entrance fee for foreigners. Now it is free to enter the compound. You still have to buy a ticket to enter the palace which is located in the middle of the fort.

Mandalay Fort Fair Ground
Not only the fort, this fort has fair ground.

Atumashi Kyaung
at the foot of Mandalay hill

Shwe Nandaw Kyaung
Just next to one above. Beautiful wooden building

Sandamuni Pagoda temple

Kuthodaw Pagoda
It houses the largest book in the world.

When people come to his cage, he screams and asks them to feed him. A bunch of grass costs $1. He seems to me that he has not been fed for long time. We felt sorry and fed a half of a bunch.

Many animals are kept in this zoo but most of them seem to me VERY hungry. Whey you approached a cage, they start appealing to you. These otters are one of them. When you hold small fish, they take their reserved positions in the pond. some are in the front and some are in the back and start appealing to you. "Give it to me". Very enjoyable.

Mahamuni Temple
It is a large famous temple in the south part of the town. Visit here in the evening, just before the sunset. Everything turns into golden color.

Marionette show Orchestra
This is the most famous marionette show in Myanmar. It used to be very cheap but now it costs $3. I wondered and visit here again. They now have live Orchestra which was just a cassette tape.

Marionette Great Master
This marionette performance is recognized worldwide. This is certainly wonderful and worth visiting place to see Myanmar's culture. He, the master is very old but he performs more than 1 hour show everyday along with training his skill to many young people.

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