Taka trip 2003
Inle Lake, Myanmar

Jan 22, 2003

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Fishing in Inle Lake

Fishing in Inle Lake

Fishing in Inle Lake

Boats next to a local market

Local market scene

Scene in a market

Jumping Cat temple
World famous temple in the middle of Inle Lake where many cats are kept and when tourists come, monks make the cats jumped through a ring.

Another nice temple in the lake.
Here the monks offer free drink and snacks and compliment the tourists's countries all the time.

Toilet in the middle of a field.
Quite ecological. No doors but 3 booths for each sex

Weaving Industry in a village near Nyaung Shwe

Long Neck tribe village in Nyaung Shwe.
There are a few new villages were recently built. A small group of those people stay there to show their unique "long neck". This is all cosmetic.Nothing but a human zoo.

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