Taka trip 2003
Hoi An, Vietnam

Mar 13, 2003

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Japan Bridge
Symbol of Hoian

One of the local industry in Hoian.

People lit many lanterns at night which give us good atmosphere of Hoian.

Traditional House:
Many traditional houses are still remained in Old part of Hoian. Some of them are well preserved, still used as residence. Some of them are open to public. You need Hoian tourist ticket.

The big problem for the tourist tickets is that it allows us to enter only once for each categories. If you want to see more than 2 of same categories, you have to buy another ticket. For the traditional house, ask the ticket inspectors. They sometime allow you to enter with 10000D

Street Cafe
Near Cantonese Assembly hall, it just opened while we were vising. They post beautiful photo menus. Most of them are Hoian Specialities. Their food is not the best but cheap. It is good place to sample Hoian dishes.

Traditional Local Food, "White Rose"
Just like Chinese dumplings but the skin is made from rice.

Some other traditional local food.

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