Taka trip 2003
Chau Doc, Vietnam

Mar 1, 2003

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Ferry crossing the river, Hua Giang

Boat landing point.
The big one is a tour boat from Saigon and small ones are for a local tour to see a fish farm on the river.

Local Chau Doc Tour

Fishing industry.
They keep fish under floating houses. They feed fish when a tour comes.

View from Nui Sam mountain.
I was told the line of trees(horizontally running) is the border between Vietnam and Cambodia.

Tay An Pagoda at the edge of Nui Sam,
This pagoda(temple) is one of many built around the sacred mountain, Nui Sam. Many people come here for pilgrimage.

Incense Industry in Long Xuyen
Incense being dried along the side of a street.

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