North West of Thailand

Feb, 2002

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View of Thaton from the hill of the temple.
Left is North and the bus terminal is just N of the bridge.
The boat to Chiang Rai leaves just behind the bridge on the S bank.

The map of Thaton at the boat landing. Up side of the map is South.
The dotted line, right bottom of the map, is the border with Myanmar, a few km W from Thaton.

Thaton Temple, on the top of the hill just S from the bridge.

If you have time until the boat leaves, you may visit here to kill your time.

Monks studying in the temple.

North side of the river, W from the bridge, there are many guest houses have nice restaurants which set tables in their gardens with the view of the river. It is very relaxing and it may be the best time to stay until the boat leaves.

The boat landing spot.

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