Vang Vieng

March 22, 2001

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N from Vientiane, about a few hours by car, there is a place like Guilin, China, many beautiful limestone mountains. The village is laid on a river and it used to be a very quiet place. It attracted many travelers and it became the biggest backpackers resort.

But beautiful scenery is still same as before.

A few bamboo made bridges are crossing over the river. They look like even small flood will destroy them.

Town market. From here communal trucks leave to Vientiane.

Just after crossing a bridge, there is a sign saying"Sun Bath Center" I did not see anybody here, but I think some foreigners stay here to have sun tan.

Also just after crossing a bridge, there are many signs directing to caves near by. They are lime stone caves. You need lights with you. Also tours are organized.

Many people, living in villages in the other side of the river, take tractor samlor. They will take you to caves.

One of the features in Vang Vieng is going down a river in a tube.

Looking beautiful scenery, you are going down the river with the speed of 1km/hr.

Tubes going down the river.
Tubes cost 5000kip($05)/day, very cheap but you have to take a truck to go to the starting points with more money. The points are 2km, 3km, 4km, etc. Don't be so greedy. From 4km point needs 4 hours. You have to start from at least 11:00, After 15:00, it gets very cold.

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