Luang Prabang

March 18, 2001

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Luang Prabang is old capital in Laos. Many temples remain here.
This is Wat Xieng Thong at the place where 2 rivers meet and the land becomes like a peninsula. Laos traditional temple style is ones with long roof which almost touch the ground.

Guardian dogs at Wat Xieng Thong, next to the river.

Wat Chom Piet opposite from Wat Xieng Thong. If you go down to Mekong river from Wat Xieng Thong, boat drivers come to you and ask you to go to the other side with lots of money.

Luang Prabang symbol, mount Phu Si
You can see it from any part of the town. There is pagodas on the top of the hill.

One of the feature in LP is morning offering to monks. You can see it anywhere in town but you have to get up very early morning and have to stand by at least 7:00.

Slow boat pier, near the town market.
From here you can travel to Huexai.
To take a fast boat, you have to to further north, 3km, from the town.

Cafe, near the slow boat pier.
It's open from early morning. It is an ideal place to take breakfast after watching the morning offering.
You can eat Laos breakfast. They have English menu.

Bus broken down on the road, route 13, between LP and Vientiane.The road is completely paved and not bat but the quality of buses are very bad. The tires are completely worn out. The mechanics constantly needs repair. It is miracle to see the buses are running.

This time, the transmission was broken. We waited more than 3 hours. But the breaking down is not so bad. There are many reports for accidents. Foreign organizations issue warning for risk of traveling for rubbery and accidents. Some advises us to travel by air but the planes in Laos are also very dangerous. Whichever you take, you have to take some risk.

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