from Huexai to Luang Namtha

March 12, 2001

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Chiang Khong and Huexai is a very common entry point to northern Laos. People take a small boat to cross Mekong river. The man of the photo is my research partner who is about enter Laos.

From Huexai, most of travelers take boats to travel Luang Prabang. But it is possible to tale a truck to Luang Namtha in a day, which is the center of NW of Laos.

The route is very dangerous during rainy season. N trucks are running because the road gets muddy. We enter Laos in February, supposed to be a dry season. But this year weather was very unusual and the road was muddy because of the rainy a day before. The mud of the road was at least 15 cm. It was not possible to walk. Our bus slipped and crashed to a motor bike 5 min after they started.

One of the Small villages passing by.on the route.

Children in a village

Our truck had flat tire.

During repairing the tire.
We traveled with another truck. During repairing, the other continued to travel. I thought we were unlucky but when we met them we knew we were very lucky.
The passenger of the other truck told us that the other truck slipped and went to the cliff of the road. They jumped out from the truck, showing scratches on their knees.
We finally arrived at Luang Namtha in the middle of night. I guess we were very lucky in the day.

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