Wat Phu Champassak

March 31, 2001

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10km from Champassak, passing through relaxing country filed, at the foot of a mountain, there is a very famous temple ruins in Laos, Wat Phou.

A Buddha statue which assimilated with nature, trees on the way to Wat Phou from Champassak.

A run down colonial building at the entrance of Wat Phou

This temple was thought as a prototype of Angkor Wat
The temple ruins and lakes are laid symmetrically like Angkor Wat on the flat part and laid on many traces on the side of the mountain.

After passing through ruins and ponds, stairs lead to the upper part. The trees are growing like a gate.

A Buddha image on the top terrace of the temple.
Wat Phou was originally a Hindu temple but later it became to Buddhism temple

Inside of the main temple, a big Buddha was kept.

From from the top.
You can see the layout of the temple.

The ponds are play ground of children.

Night of the village is very dark. At the night I stayed, there was a small festival at a temple of the village. Many people were gambling under dim light.

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