Trains from Phnom Penh

April 18, 2001

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Since the Cambodia trains used to be very dangerous, it was not recommended for foreigners at all. But recently it was improved and many travelers now using the trains.

There are two lines. One to south, Sihanoukville, via Kompot and the other is to W, Sisophone via Battambang.

The trains run every other days. The both lines leave from Phnom Penh on the same day and come back to PP on the same day.

Trains leave around 7:00 but if you come to the station at 6:00, it is TOO late. All seats have been occupied and only roof seats are available.Trains are running slowly it is not so dangerous so much. Don't forget sun block lotion.

Even freight cars are full.

The costs of trains were very cheap until a few years ago but now unfortunately, they set foreigners fare.

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