Sofia, Bulgaria

December 25, 2000

The Cathedral, Alexander Nevsky

Nest to the Turkish Mosque, there is the Bath House and hot water fountains. People come everyday fill up their containers. The bath house was closed for a long time. The renovation might be going on. But nobody knows when it will be open. I cannot wait, I need a good bath.

Russian Church. Small but beautiful church.

Small underground church is in the middle of the major intersection of the town.

One of the dominating building in the town. When you arrive here by bus from Greece, you can see this building from the bus stop. Good landmark to orient yourself.

Antique market near the Cathedral. It is very cold day. I needed the warm hat. I really wanted to buy one on the left. The starting price was $20.

Many hand crafts are also sold here. All are really beautiful.

Very colorful as well.

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