Beaches in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

April 30 , 2001

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There are 4 major beaches in Sihanoukville, From the Noth, Victoria beach, Independence Beach, Hawaii(Sokha ?) Beach and Ochiheuteal Beach. Except Victoria beach, They are good and clean but not as pictureristic as the counterpart of ones in Thailand. However they are much more quieter than Thai's. Good place to cure your body which has been suffering from the hard travel in Cambodia.

Independent beach, 2km S from the GH area.

Sokha Beach: 2-3km from the town center,

Sokha Beach:

Ochiheuteal: 1km E from the Sokha beach.

Most beautiful and developed beach in Sihanoulville.
There are a few medium class budget GHs.

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