Salzburg, Austria

January 19, 2001

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The excellent view of Salzburg from the top of the hill, Mvnchsberg.
Beautiful. One of the place you have to visit in Europe.

The fortress, view from N. Festung Hohensalzburg. One of the largest castle in Europe. Entrance fee is very complicated. See sight information when it is ready.

The church in the center is Dom(Cathedral). View from the walking courseon the top of the hill from Monchesberg to the fortress. This course makes you think you are walking on the roof of Salzburg.

Mirabellgarten, one of the most beautiful garden in the world which we can enjoy for free. But it is winter, no flowers. Still people stay on benches under the sun,

During winter time, a ice skate link is set in Mozartplatz.

Austrian Traditional food, "Nvdel(Germknvdel)"
Surprising to see because the root for this is a Chinese dish.

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