Linz, Austria

January 17, 2001

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Linz's main square, Hauptplats

A hill, Postlingberg, 5km N from the city.

You take a train from the Urfahr station to go up.

From the top, you can have an excellent view of the Linz, Danube river. But the day I visited, it was very misty so I took the church with my camera instead.

The high light of Linz in my opinion. I came here to visit this museum, Ars Electronica. This museum hosts international media festivals. You can experience a lot of cyber world. The photo is the system makes you think to fly.

When you stand in front of the camera, letters fall on your shadow. There are many virtual programs you can enjoy. You simply need a day to visit here at least.
And don't forget free internet access.

Tram #3, very useful one from the train station to Urfahr where you can take a train to the top of the hill, Postlingberg. You can stop at Hauptplatz, the information office, or at the 2nd stop after crossing the bridge for one of the Youth Hostels in Linz.

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