Interlaken, Switzerland

January 30 , 2001

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Interlaken Ost(West) station. I have a very impressive memory with this train station. When I came to Europe first time I took a night train from Paris to go to Athens. When I woke up, the conductor told me it is the end. I asked where it was. He said Interlaken. It was in summer. This train station was full of flowers and unbelievably beautiful mountains are in the back. I was very glad I took a wrong train.

I am very sorry the mountains are too big to take with my camera. These mountains are very very very beautiful. From here you can go to Grindelwald where you can see much more incredible scenery.

From Bern to Zurich, if you take a train in the main route, it takes about a hour, but I took 5 hour detour via Interlaken because of the scenery. I had a train ticket(Geneva to Vienna) which does not allow this route. When I asked at the information, they said if I pay about 14SF more I can take this route. What a nice system, user friendly. I love Switzerland.

Bern - Interlaken - Luzern - Zurich. The train passes through small local stations, beautiful lakes, snow-covered mountains. On the table at the window, there is an information which side is good for the view with the route of the train.

One objection is that we cannot open windows. All carriages are air-conditioned. You have to choose a clean-window seat.

Another beautiful lake. When I was reading a book, a old lady told me
"You might be more interested in this"

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