Train in Cambodia

April 17 , 2001

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The train journey in Cambodia was considered very dangerous.
Now it becomes quite safe mean of traveling.
Many travelers are having an experience,
one of the most interesting train journey

The cost of train was very cheap,
however the good old era was already over.
Now they set special fare for foreign travelers.
But they are still cheaper than taking a truck.

There are two lines. Between Phnom Penh & Battambang and between Phnom Penh & sihanoukville via Kompot. Two trains leave from the PP train station at the same time, every other day 6:30. (I think MWF morning.) On TuThSa, he trains are coming back to PP. The train station is open only in the morning of the day the trains leave, until 7:00am.

The quality of the trains are very bad as you see. I found only 3 carriages which have seats.

 I arrived at the train station at 6:00.
The trains are already packed. Many people are sitting on the roof top.

 At 6:00, 2 more foreigners turned up try to buy the tickets,
but they were told "SOLDOUT".
They were negotiating for 30 min and could buy tickets finally. Very lucky

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