Bucharest, Romania

December 28, 2000

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The Palace of Parliament, Ceausescue's "world 2nd largest" building. It houses many beautiful rooms. You can visit with a guided tour. The guide tells incredible stories about the palace.

Atheneam Museum, located near the M. of Art. The dominating building on Celea Victoriel. However I could not visit this building because it was closed completely. I don't know the reason. It could be due to the Christmas Holiday.

Museum of Art, right wing. Beautiful classical museum houses many famose painings.

Peasant Museum. One of the incredible museum. Lots of beautiful weavings, pottery, Easter eggs and more and more.

Village Museum. Another wonderful museum in Bucharest.

It is supposed to be the main street of Bucharest. The fountains at the Piata Unirii were beautifully designed but badly maintained.

Bucharest seems to have a good? heating system. There are many manholes in parks from where steam rises. I have heard many street children are living in the hall during cold winter.

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