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Horino Gallery Japan

Photographer: Horino

Born Oct. 1st, 1973: male
Living in Kanagawa, Japan
Travel Abroad 10 trips:
China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Nepal Pakistan,Australia, etc.

Currently I am an office worker.
My travel motivations are: meeting many people, good food and seeing beautiful sceneries. I love photography. My camera is a normal one. I sometimes feel that if I had a better camera I could have taken a much better photo.
I would very much appreciate it
if you could send me mails, giving me feedback on my photos.

Kyushuu, S part of Japan

Great Cherry blossoms.

A Sea of Cloud Covering over Aso volcano

Unzen Fugendake Mountain viewing from KumamotoKinpo mountain.
Evening of early winter.

Same as above

Kaigendake volcano
from Makurazaki, Kagoshima

Unzen Fugen-dake volcano

Aso mountain

Evening of Mt. Aso mountain

Autumn of Mt. Aso

Mt. Fuji from a plane

View from Daikan peak, the outer rim of Aso volcano.
The rim looks like a sleeping Buddha.

Boutsu port, Kagoshima.
The sea around this port is really beautiful.

Dawn of Beppu Sea

The Sea of Beppu

Burning field in Aso mountain.
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