London, UK

Country Code 44, GBP1=$1.5, July 20, 2000

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London, England.
Area code 020, Research date: June 15, 2000.

Local Time:

We use L for symbol for pounds.

i Tourist Information: 1 Lower Regent St.@SW1. M9:30-18:30, Tu-F9-18:30, SS10-16:00. A lot of information. Good and friendly staff. U-Piccadilly Circus.
Exchange is possible upstairs. Cash 1 pound=$1.604, 169.9 yen. T/C 0.5% com. 1pound=$1.604, 169.4yen
Free publication: TNT, Southern Cross. Many free magazines are available, which contain a lot of travel information and cheap airfare, buses, tours, accommodation, etc. Excellent source of travel.
London Planner: official guide from British Tourist Authority. Many updated information for sights and theatres etc.
AM American Express: 30-31 Haymarket, 7920-3107 Exchange M-F8:30-19:30 Sa9-18:30, Su10-17. 1 pound =$1.689, 170 yen, Can$ 2.347
Amex T/C no com. But cash com 2 pounds, other T/C 1.5%
Emergency 0800-521313
Exchange: Many private exchange booths are in town. Most of them, such as "Change Point" charge very high commission for T/C(8 pounds!!!) and the rates are usually very low. Make sure the rate and commission before you change money.
$ Fortune Exchange: Earl's Court, just in front of the main gate. Good palce to change money. T/C no commission. 1 pound =$164, 180yen. Cash is higher for rate.

M0: Post Office
Japan USA Australia Europe
Post card 40p 40p 40p 36p
Letter 45p 45p 45p 36p
Small package 1kg air L9.7 L8.8 L9.7 L4.92
Small package 1kg surface L3.99 L3.99 L3.99 L3.99

M1 You don't have to go to telephone office. Local calls 10p. You can have international call or collect calls from most of the pay phones. But if you call overseas, you buy private company phone cards. They all use pin code system and call back system. So you have to dial a lot of numbers but the cost is incredibly cheap, Many difference companies offering the service so make sure the rate before you buy a card. Unitycompany: USA/Canada 1p/min. AZ/NZ 2p/min. Japan 3p/min. Cards are available from kiosk or phone cards shops.


There are three international airports.
LHR(London Heathrow)
U-Piccadilly Line. 1 hr from the center.
N97(night bus): from the city center, Trafalgr sq. via Glocester Rd, Earl's court, etc. L1.00
Exchange: T/C com !.5% min 3pond. Tomas Cook does not charge for their T/C
Coin Exchange USA, France, Japan, AZ For J 10 yen =10p bargain.
Underground to Central 3.5pounds, Travel card all zone 4.5pound M-F after 9:30, SaSu all day.
Information and free hostel reservation are available.

Gatwick: From Victoria station. by train L8.7, by bus
Stansted Airport: train from Liverpool station
City Airport: ? take a underground Jublee line to Canningtown then bus
Louton: take a train from King Cross

There are two bus stations. Both are near Victoria station. No bus pass for domestic service If you are over 50 buy Advantage 50 and if you are student or under 25 buy Coachcard, both with L9 good for 1 year which give you 20-30% discount for your bus fare.
Day return fare is almost same to single so if you take a day trip, make sure you take a day return fare.
B1 Victoria Couch Station. Serving domestic long distance service and international ones.
B2 Greenline station: serving within 25 miles around London
Busabout: T0171-950-1661

ta Eurolines/National Express: near Victoria station. T08705-143219,
ta KCE: Bus to Czech, T0800-496-0001 To Prague/Bruno OW/RT L50/64 -26-L45/64. Oct-May MWThSu Jun-Sep additional FSa leaving 13:00 arr Prague 13:00, Brno 15:45
ta Capital Express: bus to Prague. L45/80 leave 18:30, arr Prague(Flerenc coach station) 15:00. 4 to 7 buses/week depends on season.
From Pargue 18:30, arr London 14:00 OW1980kc, RT 3420kc. U Vystaviste 3 T02-87-03-68
ta Bohemian EXpress: To Prague/Bruno office at Victoria Greenline station. fare o Prague L40/L80, to Brno L45/85 dep Tu20:30 arr W17:15/19:45, depSa19:00 arrSu16:00/18:30, depW15:00 arrTh11:45/14:15
Fare from Prague/Brno OW1950/2100 RT3650/3850
ta Bohemian Lines: same as above. 4 buses/week dep London TuThSaSu11:45 arr Prague 9:30+1 arr Brno 12:00+1 fare to Prague/Brno OW50/55 RT80/85.
From Czech dep Brno TuThFSu15:30 del Prague 18:30 arr London 14:30+1
ta Gullivers Reisen: Buckingham Palace Rd. T00800-4855-4837 To Berlin dep14:30 arr 9:00 OW/RT/-26+60OW/RT L55/91/50/82. To Hamburg dep 14:30 arr 7:30 L46/72/41/63, To Hannover dep 14:30 arr 5:30 L46/72/41/63. To Amsterdam/Brussels dep 14:30 arr 21:00/23:55 29/42/27/39
Amsterdam office: Central Station, leave5:00 arr 12:30 Brussels office Gare Centrale leave 8:00 arr12:30. Berlin office In'l Coach City Centre Hardenbergplatz S-Bahnbogen T3110-2710, dep20:00 arr12:30. Hamburg office Zentraler Busbahnhof am Hauptbahnhof T040-35-38-23, dep 21:3- arr 12:30. Hannover office Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof T0511-31-20-22 dep23:30 arr 12:30

Domestic To
Oxford: Citylink(Oxford bus company) Normal/day return/3-M return L7/7.5/9.5. Student 6/6.5/7 family na/22/26


Local Transport
Travel card is the most common tickets which allow you unlimited travel within a certain area for bus, underground, Dockland Light Railway, trains after 9:30 on M-F and any time on SS. Not good for night bus
One day travel card: Zone 1&2 L3.9, All Zone L4.7
Weekend travel card: Good for Sa and Su, Zone 1&2 L5.8, All Zone L7.0
7 day travel card: Zone 1&2 L18.2, All Zone L35.4
One day LT card: no time restriction Zone 1&2 L5.0, All zone L7.0
Family Travelcard: adult L2.6 each and a child(3-15 years old) L0.8 each. Must travel together.
Millennium LT Card: L3.5. If you have a Millennium Done ticket, you can use local transport without time restriction.
Bus: double-decker red bus. There are two fare, 70p or L1.00. Bus pass for zone 1&2 L3.0, All Zone L11.5. Night bus: L1.0 or L1.5
Underground: from L1.5 depends on zones you travel.


For reservation 0171-373-3400, F0171-373-3455. Credit card accepted
If you want to book on the same day, they may take your reservation without payment. No membership required. No discount for IYH

City of London YH: 36 Carter Lane, T236-4965, dr 22.15/18.65 bf
U-St. Paul, Central

Earl's Court YH: 38 Bolton Garden. T373-7083, dr19.99/17.15, bf, @
U-Earl's Court, Piccadilly

Hampstead Heath YH: 4 Wellgarth Rd. 181-458-9054 dr19.35/17.00, bf
U-Golden Green, Northern

Holland Huse YH: Holland Walk, Kensington T171-937-0748 dr19.45/17.1, bf
U-Holland Park, Central, District, Circle

Oxford Street: 14 Noel St. T171-734-1618, dr19.45/15.90, bf
U-Oxford Circus, Bakerloo, Cental or Victoria

Rotherhithe YH: Sater Rd. T171-232-2114, dr22.15/18.65 bf

St Pancras YH: 79-81 Euston Rd. T171-388-6766 dr 22.15/18.65, bf
U-Euston, King Court, Victoria

Private Hostel
The Albert Hose Hotel: 191 Queen's way, T7584-3019
sb dr12, ab dr15, July -Aug sb dr14, ab dr17 bf, Good staff
U-South Kensington 10 min walk. Rec

h Ayer's Rock Hostel: 16 Longridge Rd. Earl's Court T7373-2944
h Inchement Hostel: 25 Collingham Place: Earl's Court T7370-2414
h Meridan Hotel: 20 West Cromwell Rd. 7373-7951
h West Two Hotel: 22-23 Kensington Garden Square, T7221-9171 From L8.00.

Many good trendy restaurants in Soho area specialy Wardour Street.
Also a market in Soho has very cheap fruit and cheese, etc.
r ECCo: 146? Glocester Rd. just S from the Underground station. Pizza/Sandwich L3 Pizza and great sandwich. U-Glocester.

r St. martin Cafeteria: Basement of the St. Martin, near Trafalgar sq.
ST. Martin has concert. Free lunch concert is free. MTF 13:05-, W 13:05, 17:00 Corral service, Eveneing concerts 19:30-21:30 cost varies, about L15.00

Travel Insurance company.
Travel insurance is very cheap. ex. For 1 year 149 pounds.
Family Travel: 4 Royal Opera Arcade, Haymarket. 0870-444-2628.
Trekker Insurance: 0800-1696115
Backpacker's Insurance: 0800-1693518

Cheap flights
ta Cheapest flights: 0800-092-0591

Landry mat: many in town. The machines are big can take 3-4 kg. Wash L3.4, dry L0.4

@ Internet @
Many in town, but the costs are not cheap. Most has min. charge, 1 to 2 pounds. The speeds are very fast.
Earl's Court, just in front of the main gate of the undergound.
Internet Lounge Earrl's court garden. 8/10:00-23/24:00, L1/hr
Speed is very good and facilties are also good but their very strong firewall may restrict your communication.
Cyber Park: Hogarth Rd. small shop on the 1 floor. L1/hr.

S Madame Tussaud's: 10-17:30. L11.00. Very popular. Long line to get in everyday. Once you get inside, you have to keep walking on one direction.
U-Baker Street

S National History Museum: Famous for many dinosaur hassles U-S. Kensington L7.5. Admission free time M-F16:30,-17:30, SS 17:00-17:30


Out of Town
To get the cheap day return train fare, you have to leave after M-F9:30, SaSu all days. Information 0345-484950
DR: Cheap Day Return, SART: Super Advance Return Fare, SS: Super Saver Fare
Bath: 1.5hr, SART-L25.50, SS-L31.00, dep Paddington M-F9:45, 10:15, 10:45, more, Return 27 & 57 min of the hour, Sa9:45, 10:15, more, Return 27 min of the hour. Last bus 21:37.

Brighton: 50min. DR L14.60, dep Victoria 2 trains/hr, dep London Bridge 2 trains/hr,

Cambridge: 45min. DR L14.60, dep Kings Kross, 3 trains/hr

Canterbury: 1.5 hr, DR L15.40, dep Victoria to Canterbury W. 1/hr, Victoria to Canterbury E 1/hr, dep Charing Cross to Canterbury W, 1 or 2/hr

Oxford: 1hr L14.80, dep Paddington, 2 trains/hr
Salisbury: 1.5hr, L21.50, Dep Waterloo, 1/hr
Stratford-Upon-Avon, 2hr, L19.50, dep Paddington, M-F9:18, 11:18, Return 14:04, 17:32, 20:00, Sa 9:18, 11:18, return 13:50, 17:32,19:32, 23:15. Su by bus 9:45, 11:45, Return14:35, 17:55

Windsor: 40min. L6.10, Dep Waterloo M-Sa 2 trains/hr Su 1/hr
York: 2hr, Daypex L23.00(must be purchased by 18:30 on the day before) or SAR L46.00, dep King's Cross 2 trains/hr,

Embassies in London

Poland: 47 Portland Place, W1, U-Regent Park, 7580-4324, MTuThF10-14:00, W10-12:00
Czech Rep: 26-30 Kensington Palace Gardens W8, U-Notting Hill Gare, T7243-1115
Slovakia: See Czech Rep.

Hungary: 35b Eaton Place SW1, U-Victoria, T7235-2664 M-F10-12
Lithuania: 84 Glocester Place W1, U-Marble Arch, T7486-6401
Latvia: 45 Nottingham Palace, W1, U-Baker St T7312-0040, M-F 10-13:00
Estonia: 16 Hude Park Gate, SW 7, U-Gloucester Rd. T7589-3428, T10-12
Russia: 5 Kensington Palace Gardens, W8, T7229-8027, VISA-T0900-171271

Hostel in London
Open all year around unless stated.

Victoria SW1
Astor's Victoria Hotel: 71 Belgrave Rd, SW1V 2BG T(020) 7834-3077
s L13-17.00 bf

Holland: 53 Eccleston Sq. SW1V 1PG, T(020)7834-9104, s L17-21.00, d L34-42.00

West End/Oxford Street W1
Carr SaundersHall 18-24 Fitzroy St W1P 5AE T7323-9712, s L20.50 d L35.00 bf Open Apri/July-Sep
University of Westminster, Wells St. W1R 8AL, T7911-5799, s L21-26 open July-August
Astor's Museum Inn: 27 Montague ST. WC1B 5BH, T7580-5360 bf, s L13-17.00

Paddington/Bayswater W2

h Astor's Hyde Park Hostel: 2-6 Inverness Terrace W2 3HY T7229-5101, s L13-18.00 bf
h Astor's Leinster Inn: 7-12 Leinster Sq. W2 4PR T7229-9641, s L14-30.00 d L28-42.00, bf
h Astor's Quest Hotel: 45 Queensborough Terrace W2 3SY, T7723-7782, s L13-16.00 bf
h Leinster: 46 Leinster Gardens W2 3AT, s L14-18.00, d L28-36.00
h New Mansion: 38 Lancaster Gate W2 3AT, T7723-4421, s L17-21, d L34-42.00
h Railton: 10 Craven Hill W2 3DT, T7723-5643, s L14-18.00, d L28-36.00
h Sandeman Allen: 40 Inverness Trarace W2 3IB, T7727-2719, s L17-21.00 d L34-42.00

Earl's Court/South Kensington SW5/7
h Belvedere: 6 Grenville Palace SW7 4RT, T7373-5701, s L14-18.00, d L28-36.00
h Earl's Court YHA: 38 Bolton Court Garden SW5 0AQ, T7373-7083, dr L20.20/p bf
h Halpin: 97 Queen's Gate SW7 5AB, dr L17-21.00/p
h Regina: 110 Gloucester Rd. SW7 4RJ, T7370-5151, dr L17-21.00

City of London EC1-4

h City of London: 36 Carter Lane EC4V 5AB, T7236-4965, dr L22.00/p Access U-St.Paul's

Kensington/Notting Hill W8/11

h Bowden Cout: 24 Ladbroke Groe W11 3NN, T7727-5665, dr L17-21.00/p
h Holland House YHA: Holland Walk W8 7QN T7937-0748, dr L20.00/p bf

Acton W3

h Tent City: Old Oak Common Lane, East Acton W3 7DP T8743-5708 L6.00/p

North West London
h Belsize: 40 Belsize Gardens NW3 4NA, T7722-8131, U-Belsize Park, dr L17-21.00/p
h Hampstead Heath YHA: 4 Wellgarth Rd. NW11 7HR, T8458-7196, dr L17.68-20.12/p
h St. Pancras YHA: 79-81 Euston Rd. NW11 2Q5, T7388-9998, U-Euston L22-25.00/p

East London
h Cordwainers Court: St Thomas Sq. E9 7PS, T8985-6685, U-Bethnal Green dr L11-12.00/p Open June-August.
h Sir John Cass Hall: 150 Well St. E9 7LQ, T8533-2529, dr L14-20.00, Open July-Sep

South East London
h King's Collage Hall: Champion Hill SE5 8 AN, T7733-2166, train-Denmark Hill, dr L17-19/p Open Apr-Sep
h St Chirstopher's Inn: 121 Borough High St. SE1 1EP T7407-1856, dr L10-14/p U-Borough/London Bridge

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