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Phone code 66, US$1 = 227.13SIT, September 5 2000

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Piran is full of Italian charm at half the cost. Venice is only 1.5hrs away, and the lights from Venice can be seen on a clear night. The whole town is one big attraction as this lazy fishing village has not changed much in 400 years. The cobble stone streets are so narrow that two people must walk single file and watch out for dripping laundry hang out to dry on the windows above. The people are very friendly and for a small price (800SIT) you may go net fishing with the men at the marina, if you ask them politely the night before. On two occasions I was asked to join an old Italian lady for dinner as she lived alone, we met when I was buying bread. That is the attrcation to this tiny town. The friendliest. To me this town is the highlight of Slovenia.

The town is tiny. From the bus stop follow the water north on Cankarjevo nabrezje to the large square Tartinijev trg (30 seconds). This is the center of Piran and the tourist office is located. Following the water line north on Presemovo nabrezje will take you to everything mentioned in this section, including hotels, restaurants etc.

Information Office: Tartinijev Tr 2, T05 673 020, 9.00-13.30, 15.00-21.30, Free maps. English tourist guide 1300SIT. Very helpful and friendly.
$1 Bank. Banka Koper. Opposite Tourist Office. Only ATM in Piran. M-F8.30-12.00, 15.00 -17.00. Sa 1.30-12.00. US $1= 227.13SIT. No commission
$2 Exchange office: Piazza I Maggio. US$1=227.70SIT, UK= 334.25SIT
M0 Post /Telephone office: Leninova 1, near the bus station. Cash and T/C can be cashable with no commission. Card phones are available behind the tourist office.
P Police: ?
H Medical Center: Cankarjevo Nabrezje 9a. Near the bus station
Hp Pharmacy: Tartinijev 4. M-F8.00-19.00, Sa8.00-13.00, Su9.00-12.00. Some Italian, German and English is spoken.
m Market:: behind the tourist office, Fruit market open daily. Extremely fresh and cheap.
c Supermarket: Trg Bratstva:, M-F7-20:00, Sa8-12:00.

Local transport
No local transport around the town are useful for travelers because it is so small. A mini bus stops at Tartinijev trg every 30 minutes from 8.00-22.00 that takes you to nearby Portoroz (5 min)for 180SIT
ta Moana Travel agency: Cankarjevo nabrezje 7 T746-228, organizes private rooms. just N from the bus station.
ta Cyber Point Travel Agency: 3F, Zipanciceva 14, Specialises in budget and student travel. ISIC cards can be purchased here. US$45, Internet also available.
tx Taxi: T740 or 700. Some English is spoken.

T Trains: There is no train station. The closest train station is in Koper, 5km North.
B Bus station: at the beginning of Cankarjevo nabrezje.
to Koper: 10mins
200SIT, 40 Buses/day 5.00-22.15 (Koper-Piran-Portoroz route, unlimitd ride 520SIT)
to Zagreb: 6hrs
3500SIT, 4.25, 5.49.
to Porec: 2hrs 1
200SIT, 16.25
to Ljubljana, 3hrs,
1800SIT, 4.25, 5.49, 7.00, 12.40, 14.05, 18.00, 18.50.
to Rovinj: 2.5hrs
1500SIT, 16.25
to Maribor: 4hrs
4200SIT, 14.05

In the summer months there are many activities in the main square.

@ Internet @
@ Cyber point: Zipanciceva 14, 3rd Floor. 800SIT/ hr.
@ a budget travel center: 13.00-19.00


The range of accommodation in Piran is very poor. There is only one relatively cheap Pension in the town and this fills quickly. Private rooms can be arranged with the tourist agency but these rooms are pricey, because of the small size of the town.
h Penzion Val: Gregorcicceva 30 a (From the bus station head into town and stay along the water until you come to the lighthouse. You will see its big blue sign then) T74599.
dr3000SIT(3 bed), sb d3500SIT, bf C4. 10% discount if you stay 3 or more nights.Good location and a huge buffet breakfast make this an OK option. However some female travelers have complained about the manager
h Hotel Piran: ?Presemove nabrezja 1?, T32568?, ab? s7500SIT (no sea view) d14,000SIT, Old grand hotel, a little bit luxurious Staff are friendly and speak English.
Access: From the bus station walk down Cankarjevo nabrezje, until you come to Tartinijev trg. Stay along the sea and when you see the bathing area (big sign that says Bathing area)Hotel Piran is here.
h Strunjan Auto Camp: 3km North along the coast of Piran, 30 min.walk from Piran, T782076, Tent 500SIT/p. Extremely cheap option. It is open all-year-around. But you need your own tent. It has a nicer beach area. Rec
h Private Rooms
Maona Travel Agency:(see above) Just pass the bus stop incoming into town organise private rooms. Popular with German tourists prices are displayed in Deutsch Mark.
s35DM, d50DM, t70DM. Discounts are available for three or more nights. This is a good option if you want to stay in Piran for a week, and laundry and kitchen facilities are available.

The food in Piran is excellent. Fisherman all day, sell their catches to the local restaurants. They have the best calamari I have ever tasted as the fry whole small octopuses in a pan, and serve it "as is". Because of its very close ties to Italy, most restaurants combine Italian cuisine with the seaside created dishes such as Spaghetti marinara etc.
Restaurant Hotel Piran: 10.00-22.00 Italian 300SIT-1400SIT. Surprisingly cheap eatery at the one of the town's most expensive hotels. spaghetti or very fresh calamari.
Access: pass the marine area, next to the bathing area From the bus station walk down Cankarjevo nabrezje, until you come to Tartinijev trg. Stay along the sea and when you see the bathing area (big sign that says Bathing area)Hotel Piran is here.Highly Rec
r Pizzeria Flora: Presernova Nabrezie, Italian 400SIT-1400SIT Known by the locals as the best pizzas in Piran. Prices start at 500SIT but excellent value compared to the neighboring high priced restaurants next to it.
Access: North past Hotel Piran along the water line on Presermovo nabreze. It is sitauted just around the bluff. 10.00-22.00.
r Nudi:
the Tartinijev trg, 12.00-24.00.
Snack 100SIT-700SIT. Local hangout with standing room only. Cheap food include hamburgers (350SIT), hotdogs (250SIT) and a huge hamburger with the lot (600SIT).
Access: Ulica Svobe via Della Liberta, From the bus station walk down Cankarjevo nabrezje, until you come to Tartinijev trg. Here walk North past the Bank. Turn East at the firs alley (Ulica svobe via Della Liberta),
r Cafe Teater: (next to Piran Hotel), Su-Th 11.00-13.00, F-Sa 10.00-02.00. Known as the place to go out in Piran (and probably the only option), this stylish bar is popular with back packers and locals. Local Beers 275SIT. Export 350SIT.


S1 Tartinijev Trg:
The town square is the life line to the town. Filled with people at all times of the day, it is a great place to sit and watch the day go by. The Town Hall and court house are both situated here, and are some of the oldest buildings in the region.
S2 Church of St George: Adamiceva ulica 2., This spooky renaissance church is looking over the sea. Built in the early 15th century the church offers amazing views of nearby Koper, the Adriatic Sea and, at night time, the lights of Venice. The equally ancient town walls can be climbed and offer even a better view.
Access: 2 min N from the center. From the bus station head N on Cankerjevo nabrezje to Tartinijev Square. Then head North on Ulica Korpusa, (at the North side of the square) which leads to Adamiceva ulica.
S3 Aquarium: South of Hotel Piran. 10.00-12.00, 14.00-19.00, 350SIT, Student-250SIT. Small aquarium. Very popular. It is often full with school groups. The staff speak a little English and are happy to answer any questions.

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