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Area Code 0386, $1 = 226.03SIT, Aug 24, 2000

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It is one of the smallest capital in the world, and it gives you a small town feeling which everyone seems to know each other. The people are friendly and the students are eager to practice their English. With a fairy tale like castle rising above the cobble stoned streets on Old Town , Ljubljana has just as much charm as Vienna or Budapest, just on a smaller scale.

from the train/bus stations, use the castle as your guide. By heading towards it along Miklosiceva cesta or Kolodvorska cesta, you will eventually come to the river, where the old town and main square is situated. Slovenians loved to be asked directions.

i Ljubljana Tourist Information Centre: Stritarjeva Street 1000, T306-1215,
pcl.tic-lj@ljubljana.si, or htttp.www.ljubljana.si.
June 1 - Sep 30 M-F8.00-20.000. SaSu 10.00 - 18.00.
Oct 1-May 31 M-F8.00-18.00. SaSu10.00-18.00
i2 Tourist Information Desk: at the Train Station
June 1 - Sep 30: 9-21.00, Oct 1-May 31: 10-17.30.
AE American Express: Trubaveja 50.(AM list says Cufarjeva 2) T133 20 28. M-F 9.00-18.00. Sa10.00-16.00. Currency exchange and travel agent. Rate US$1=226.13SIT
Another brunch in Slovenia is in Portoros, address Obala 55.
$ Ljubljanska banka: Copova 3. US$1=226.05SIT
M Post/Telephone office: Slovenska 32. M-F 7.00-20.00. Sa7.00-13.00. Kiosks sell phone cards, 500SIT & 1000SIT.
Important Telephone Numbers

Fire, ambulance:112
General information-981
Telephone directory enquires: 988
Road assistance/information: 987
Taxi: 9700, 9701, 9702, 9703, 9704, 9705, 9706
Railway information: (061) 131 51 67
Bus information: (- 061) 133 61 36
P Police: T113
H Medical Service: Bohoriceva 8, T232-3060.
Hp Pharmacy: Miklosiceva 24. T31-4558. 24 hour service.
s Supermarkets, Maximarket: Trg Republike.
s Laundry, Chemo Express: Wolfova 12, T251-4404 M-F7.00-18.00
@ Internet access: Dijaski Dom Tabor (HI). free. Even non customers can use it. 2 PCs, max 15 min.

E USA: Pre?ernova 31, T200-5500, F200-5555, MWF9.00-12.00
E Canada: Miklo?iceva 19, T430-3570, F430-3577, M-F9.00-13.00
E UK: Trg republike 3/IV, T200-3910, F425-0174, M-F 9.00-12.00
E Australia: Trg republike 3, T425-4252, F4264721, M-F9.00-13.00
E The Netherlands: Dunajska 20, T232-8978, F439-2740, M-F9.00-12.00
E Republic of South Africa: Prazakova 4, T433-4180, F231-7180, M-F9.00-15.00
E Japan:
E Albania: Ob Ljubljanici 12, T432-2324, F432-3129, M-F9.00-16.00
E Austria: Pre?ernova 23, T479-0700, F252-1717, M-Th 8.00-12.00, F8.00-10.00
E Bosnia & Herzegovina: Likozarjeva 6, T432-4042, F432-2230, M-F9.00-12.00
E Bulgaria: Stari trg 1, T426-5744, F425-8845, M-F9.00-11.00
E Croatia: Gruberjevo nabrezje 6, T425-7287, F425-8106, M-F 10.00-13.00
E Czech Republic: Riharjeva 1, T283-9257, F283-9259, M-F 9.00-17.00
E Estonia: Skolas 13, T7812020, MTuThF10-13:00.
E Greece: Mestni trg 8, T425-0762, F426-4754, M-F9.00-15.30
E Hungary: Ulica Konrada Babnika 5, T512-1882, F512-1878, Tu13-15.00, WF9-12.00
E Lithuania: Rupniecibas 24, T7321519, M-F9.30-12.30.
E Italy: Snezni?ka 8, T426-2194, F425-3302, M-F 8.30-10.30
E Poland: Elizabetes 2a, T7321617, M-F9.00-17.00.
E Romania: Podlimbarskega 43, T505-5432, F505-8341, M-F 9.00-12.00
E Turkey: Livarska 4, T436-8147, F436-8148, M-F9.00-12.00
E Russia: Antonijas 2, T 721 25 79, M-F9-17.30.

A Ljubljana Airport: 23km from city. -- Flight information: T(064) 222 700, www.lju-airport.si
1) Bus:
From the bus station #28 stop buses leave on the hour, 6.00 -20.00 :550SIT
from Terminal Adria Airways, Trg OF- near the Bus station, 6.30, 8.40, 10.30, 12.15, 13.50, 15.50, 18.00, 20.00, 22.00. 2000SIT
Adria Airways:
Gosposvetska 6, T31-3312, F32-1668
Aeroflot: Dunajska 21, T31-3350,
British Airways: Slovenska 56, T300-1000
Lufthansa: Gosposvetska 6, T32-6669
Swissair: WTC, Dunajska 156, T169-1010
Fare OW-one way
to London:
OW US$230 Daily
to Vienna:
OW US$120 Daily
to Dubrovnik:
OW $190 only Th Su
T Train Station: Trg Osvobodline Fronte 6U, N from the town center. From Town Square a 5 min walk N on Miklosiceva.Opposite Bus station
to Rijecka: (3hrs) 1950SIT 14.50, 17.20
to Bled: (1hr) 800SIT 6.20, 6.50, 8.10, 9.40, 12.25, 13.33, 16.05, 16.28, 17.35, 18.38, 20.05, 20.35
to Koper: (2hrs) 1580SIT 4.18, 5.50, 9.30

to Vienna(Austria): (6hrs) 8000SIT 0.53, 7.40, 12.25, 16.00
to Graz(Austria): (4hrs) 5200SIT 0.53, 2.25, 7.40, 16.00
to Budapest(Hungary): (9hrs) 6500SIT 2.50, 13.50.
to Zagreb(Croatia): (2hrs) 2500SIT 2.50, 6.15, 8.40, 10.50, 14.10, 15.20, 16,25
to Venice(Italy): (4hrs) 4650SIT 3.20, 16.10
to Munich(Gernamy): (7hrs) 9000SIT 8.10, 16.05, 23.35
B Bus station: Trg Osvobodline Fronte 4 (Opposite Train Station.)
to Koper: (2 hrs) 2180SIT 6.17, 6.30, 6.45, 7.15, 8.00, 10.00, 12.00, 13.45, 14.35, 15.00, 17.00, 19.00
to Piran: (2.5hrs) 2400SIT 6.45, 8.00, 10.00, 13.45, 14.35, 15.00, 17.00, 19.00
to Bled: (1.5hrs) 1060SIT 25 buses from 6.00-22.30

to Zagreb: (2.5hrs) 2670SIT 6.45, 7.30, 8.40.
to Split: (10hrs) 5650SIT 19.40
to Sarejevo: (12hrs) 7550SIT 19.15
to VIENNA: No bus service
to Frankfurt: (10hrs) 12,500SIT 19.30
to Munich: (8hrs) 6900SIT 16.30

Local Transport
Town is very small. No public transport is necessary.
Travel agency

c Bezigrad: Linhartova 11, T231-4790
c Dvor: Kolodvorska 29, T433-6118
c Kinoteka: Miklo?iceva 28, T433-0213
c Kompas: Miklo?iceva 38, T432-0140
c Komuna: Cankarjeva 1, T421-2460
c Mini kino Union: Nazorjeva 2, T251-9576

Festivals/National Holidays
May- International Viticulture and Wine Fair: Numerous events are held in the old city.
June- Druga Godba - International Festival of Alternative and Ethno Music.
July - International Jazz festival
July/August- Summer Festival: in the old town. Bands, artists and dancers parade around the old town.
October - Bio. International exhibition of industrial design.
December - Holiday Festivities. Concerts in churches and street fairs


The hostels in Ljubljana are open only in summer, and private rooms, not cheap, are the option in the other 9 months. The campsite offers good faculties but this is far away, and your own tent is needed.
h Dijaski Dom Tabor (IYH): Vidovdanska 7, T31-6069, June 25 -August 30. sb dr 2490SIT (4 Bed), s3500SIT Bf C3 Huge complex. The staff are friendly but the faculties are still communistic. Free internet access, free lockers are available. Watch out your belonging. Theft is quite common. and cheap price make this the best option in Ljubljana.
Access: A good location, half way between the old city and the train station. From the train station head W and take the second street on your right. Walk 5 min).
h Dijaski Dom Ivana Cankara: Poljanska 26-28, T174-8600 sb dr2500SIT(4 bed), s3500SIT. Open only June 25 - August 30. This complex is usually the choice for backpackers who could not get into the above hostel. Similar basic facilties, but with a good view of the castle. Access: From the station head N on Resljeva, then left on Poljananska
h Private Rooms:-
The tourist office:
at Stritarjeva Street 1000, 306-1215, offers private rooms in the old town from 7000SIT. Often your landlady will do your laundry and cook for a small cost. This is a good option if you are traveling as a couple and would like better facilities and more privacy than the student hostels. Rec
h Autocamp Jezica: Dunajska 270, T169-3913. (From the train station turn right to the intersection with Slovenska, then catch bus #8 and get off at Jezica). Tent 200SIT/p need your own tent.
sb s6000SIT, d9000SIT, t12500SIT. Although it might be a little bit far away from the city, the facilities here are excellent, such as a swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, mini-golf, indoor lawn bowls, restaurants and bowling alley.

Since Italy is only a 3 hours away, Slovenian restaurants are dominated by Italian cuisine. Usually backpackers try to eat the national cuisines of the countries they visit, but in Slovenian case a little cheating is allowed. The Italian food is great and only 1/3 of the price it will be in Italy. The best restaurants lay along side the river, and the old cobble stoned street of Stari Trg. (You mean the national food is not good? Or not worth of eating or commenting?)
r Ati: Stari Trg 28 (the second right walking east past the tourist office), Greek, 600SIT-1200SIT. 10.00-22.00, Nice location on this medieval cobble stoned street. As Gyros are just 600SIT, the outdoor seating is always full with students. Popular nightspot. Highly Rec.
r Zlata Rubica: Cankarjevo Nabrezje 5 (along the river south from the tourist office), Slovenian/Italian. 700SIT-1500SIT, 10.00-23.00. Italy is only three hours away, which explains why this restaurant is so good. Incredibly popular place perfectly situated on the river. Serves huge pizzas for 600SIT big enough for three people. Highly Rec
r Rugamuffin Cafe: 2nd alley when heading S on Cankarjevo Nabrezje from the Triple Bridge, 200SIT-800SIT, Coffee and muffins. 9.00-22.00. A local student told me this tiny place down an almost >invisible alley serves the best coffee in the country. Students fill the interior studying, while the outdoor seating is taken by people studying people. Rec
r Pizzeria Romeo: 6 Stari Trg (the second right walking E past the tourist office), 700SIT- 1200SIT. 10.00-24.00. The most popular pizza house in the town. Very popular with students and locals.Rec
r Gostilna Pri Pavli: 21 Stari Trg (the second right walking E past the tourist office), 500SIT-1200SIT. 11.00-23.00. Traditional Slovenian cuisine includes huge flat steaks, and many different styles of ommlettes. Basic setting but popular. Rec


English sight seeing tour available for 2500SIT, from June to September. It starts in front of the Town Hall at Mesti trg 1 at 17.00. Tickets can be purchased there or at the Ljubljana Tourist Information center.
S1 Ljubljana Castle: In the center of Old Town, you can't miss it. This fairy tale like castle sprouts up in the middle of the old town. The construction began in the 12th century, and was once the center of the Spanheim Carinthian Dukes. Because of its small size, it offers a perfect afternoon excursion. The lookout tower (600SIT) provides an excellent view of both the old and new city.
S2 Town Square: From the bus/train station head@north on Miklosiceva. This leads to the Town Square.
Old Square: FromTown Sq. head north 20m
Upper Square: From Old Sq. head E 40 m
All three squares represent the old town. From the steps of the castle to the river, the old town is full of narrow cobble stone streets filled with restaurants and pubs that the students love to sit in. It is highly recommended to be in this town in Summer when the Old Town summer festival is on, when the streets are full of people when stages and bands play through the night.
S3 Triple Bridge: From the bus/train station head north on Miklosiceva. This leads to the Town Square, where Triple Bridge is. The Triple Bridge is the gateway to the old town. Constructed in the 19th century it is made up of an old bridge in the middle and two newer ones at each side. The locals have put up signs at each entrance proclaiming that the left bridge is for the gringos and the right one is for the locals. Highly Rec.
S4 The Dragon Bridge: You can see from the Triple Bridge, would offer a perfect setting for an medieval horror film. The bridge has four large dragons guarding the entrance on both sides. It was one of the first European bridges made of both concrete and iron. Some say that the dragons look at you, if you have sinned during the day. Highly Rec.
S5 Museum of Modern Art: Cankajeva ulica 15, Tu-Sa11.00-19.00, Su15.00-19.00. 500SIT. Slovenians love to support their youth. At this museum is a collection of films, paintings and sculptures by young Slovenians. The staff are English-speaking university students; and offer a good insight into Slovenian culture.
Access: From the bus/train station head east on Trg Osvobodline Fronte. This becomes Tivolska. Keep walking for 500 metres until you come to Cankajeva cesta on your left.
S6 National Museum: Cankajeva ulica 20 F-W 10.00-18.00. 500SIT students-400SIT This museum has a small but substantial collection of Slovenian archaeological, cultural and natural history.
Access: From the bus/train station head east on Trg Osvobodline Fronte. This becomes Tivolska. Keep walking for 500 metres until you come to Cankajeva cesta on your left

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