Bled, Slovenia

Phone code 64, $1US=228.15SIT, August 30, 2000

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Incredible scenery awaits backpackers who make the effort to come here. Sparkling clear water is a pleasure to swim in, as you paddle under the castle to the most beautiful church in the world. Situated on the Ljubljana - Munich train line, this town should not be missed.

Most of the town, such as the banks, post offices, tourist office, restaurants etc, is situated along Ljubljanska cesta and the lake that the street of Ljubljanska leads to. When you reach the lake, at the end of the street, you turn left to east, you will see the bus stop and then the hostel just 200m past it.

Information Office: Svobode 15. Give information on accommodation, tours and sights. Map- 900SIT.
$1 Gorenjska Banka: cesta Svobode 15. cash$1=227.85SIT, T/C$1=217.5SIT. no com. ATM
M0 Post /Telephoneoffice: Ljubljanska cesta 4. Currency Exchange, $1US$1=218.05SIT
P Police: ?
H Medical Centre: Presernova Cesta
Hp Pharmacy: Presernova Cesta 36, M-F 7.00-19.30, Sa7.00-13.00.
s Supermarket -Specerija: End of Ljubljanska cesta, at the lake. 9.00-19.00, Small supermarket with bakery and meat section.
ta Travel agent Kompas Bled: Ljubljanska cesta 6, it arranges accommodation, tours and exchanges cash. M-F9.00-18.00, Sa10.00-16.00.
la Laundry : ?

T Train station: 10 min away from City in Lesce by bus.
By Commuter buses 200SIT every 10 min
to Ljubljana,
800SIT 5.08, 5.42, 7.45, 8.00, 11.24, 13.08, 14.36, 18.03, 19.34, 20.24, 21.00
to Munich,
7200SIT 9.04, 17.00, 0.30
to Salzburg,
5300SIT 9.04, 17.00, 0.30.
B1 Bus station: Cesta Svobode 4, North of the main tourist street Ljubjanska. Ljubljana 1060SIT 25 buses a day from 05.00- 21.30

Local Transport
The town is very small. No public transport is needed.

c No info at this moment.

Festivals/National Holidays
June 1 International Fishing Championship
July 2-14 International Summer Festival- Concerts, recitals, contests.
July 16- 25 Bled Days- Art and Crafts, candles on the lake, fireworks.
August 9-16 Golf week- Annual International Junior Championship

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@ Bled Library: Ljubljanska cesta 10. MWF10.00-14.00. 500SIT/ 30 mins. This is the only place in town.


Only one hostel in Bled (the only all year hostel in the country). Make sure you book early as it is always full.
h Bledec Youth Hostel: Grajska cesta 17, T74-5250, From the bus station head up the hill on Grajska cesta, on your left. dr2477SIT (5 bed) 10% discount with YHA card. CTV, La, I , C5, Excellent newly renovated year round hostel with spotless and gracious rooms. Staff are young and friendly. Has a good and cheap restaurant next to reception. Bookings are needed. Breakfast included. Highly Rec
h Garne Penzion Tereza: Ljubljanska cesta + Ribenska Cesta From the bus station head E to Presernova cesta. When you reach Ljubljanska turn left, Ribenska is second right. s35DM, d50DM TV, La, I, C5, Nice traditional Slovenian villa situated on top of the town, looking over the lake. This is a good option if you are traveling as a couple. Rec
h Camping Bled(Kamp Zaca): Kidrieceva 10a, T74-1117 April 1 -October 15. Tent 1640SIT/p, This is a little oasis, far away from the touristy main town of Bled. Facilities include a good restaurant , four tennis courts, a basketball court, and a grocery store. No bungalows bring your own tent.
Access: From the bus station walk S down Svobode until you reach the water, then walk 30 min around the lake in either direction until you are behind the church.
Private Rooms:
The information office: Svobode 15, Prices depend on how close the house is to the lake, and its faculties. s6000SIT+, d10000SIT+. Many private rooms on Presernova Cesta. Look for the 'sobe' sign.

The food in Bled is dominated by fresh seafood(or lake-food), from Lake Bled. But the food is expensive here.
r Pri Planincu: Grajska cesta 8 (next to the bus station), 10.00-23.00, Slovenian, 400-1400SIT. Cozy Slovenian restaurant filled with beers and license plates from around the world. The staff are very friendly and welcome you to have a drink after closing time. Easily the best option in town. The steak with pepper sauce is famous in Beld. Highly Rec
r Bistro Arbor: Center Bled (Bottom of Ljubljanska cesta next to tourist office, Italian , 700-2000SIT, 10.00-22.00, Very popular restaurant that has the best views in town, looking over the lake. Prices are slightly high but the portions are large. Spaghetti Bolognese 900SIT. Rec
r The Pub: Svobode 8a (30m S from the bus station), nightspot, 250-600SIT. 10.00-02.00, Tiny but popular English rustic style pub where locals mingle with tourists. Local beer is 275SIT, Guiness 350SIT. Has a good outdoor seating area, where every backpacker in Bled seems to go.
r Lang Hai: Norodnih Herojev 3, opp from the Krim Hotel on Ljubljanska cesta, Chinese, 500SIT-1500SIT, M-F10.00-22.00, Sa12.00-22.00. Huge restaurant that seems to be popular only with tourists not locals. The food is excellent but the decor and portions could be better


S1 The Church of the Assumption: It is situated in the middle of Lake Bled
Perhaps the most picturesque church in the world, and certainly the most beautiful I have ever seen. The church was built in the 17th century and remains the symbol for Slovenia. It is said that when you ring the bell, a wish will be granted, so all summer the bell can be heard echoing through the hills.
Highly Rec.
Can be reached by hiring a boat (1500SIT/hr) along the banks, gondola (2000SIT) or you can swim to the island.
S2 The Bled Castle: Grasjska Cesta 17. 8.00-19.00, 1000SIT, student 700SIT. This 16th century castle looks over the lake from 100 m above. It has a Dracula like atmosphere at night, but in the day it can be explored. Inside is a museum filled with miltary objects.
Access: From the bus station walk west on Grasjska Cesta to the end of the street. This leads directly to the gates of the castle.
S3 Rock Climbing:
Agencies such as Pro Montana at Ljubljanska 1 T74-2605 offer a range of extreme sports. For
6,000SIT you get a guide, equipment and the whole day to climb the surrounding cliff faces that look over the lake.
S4 Cave Excursions:
The area around Bled is filled with Limestone caves, which are perfect for those wet and dreary days when you cannot be beside the water. Tours start around
1500SIT for a guide and insurance. Minimum of 6 people. Caves are closed to the public without a guide.
S5 Kayaking & Rafting:
Bled is surrounded by the river Sava. A fast and furious river which holds many challenging water courses for beginners to for most advanced. Equipment hire with guide is 3500SIT/p for the day. A two day extensive course in Kayaking is 8000SIT. The Kayaking five day course for beginners is

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