The High Tatras Slovakia

Area Code 052, cash $1=47.31, TC $1=46.33, Aug 24, 00

Hotels Are spread around and not so easy to find. The Tourist Office and travel agencies in Poprad and Horny Smokovec can reserve accommodation in pensions 250+sk, Mountain chalets 200-300sk, Private rooms 200sk, Hotels 500sk. Staff at Satur are helpful and friendly.- Cheaper private rooms can be found in the less central towns. It's difficult to find single rooms - may have to pay for a double.
Reservations for
Chata 'Mountain Hut' accommodation can also be made at the Mountain Services office in Stary Smokovec.
In the center of Stary Smokovec is an
INFO Panel a huge map showing many accommodation options in the area. The board lists facilities, shows which places have vacancies. There is a courtesy phone to call direct to the hotels. Just follow the instructions. Some places advertise they speak English.

People usually stay here if they arrive late or plan to leave early, preferring to stay in the mountain resort towns. The tourist office has info on all types of accommodation, for Poprad, Kezmarok and other towns in the Tatras. Check through the accommodation photo file. They will make reservations throughout the region 10-12% com.
h Hotel Europa: Wolkerova 3 T721897 sb s250 d400sk t500sk,
Opposite the train station, rundown - prices were reduced this year. Has a bad reputation.
h Domov Stavbarov: Karpatska 9 sb s 200sk, d400sk T 62515,63414
Good value, workers hostel, available to tourists in summer/winter seasons. Reservations at tourist office recommended as reception don't speak English. (the receptionist's daughter speaks a little (12 years, probably just in summer), little Slovak enough.
(99 info)
h Hotel Gerni: opp from the bus station T0421-92-776-3877 ab s320sk, d440sk I C4 Spotless well serviced and great value hotel. From outside it looks bad but inside it is a very modern establishment Highly Rec
h Hotel Gerlach: Hviezoloslavo, next to the Czech Airlines T721-945 sb s300 d400, ab s500 d600 t700sk, d440sk Basic but good location,between the town and the train station. All rooms have verandas Rec
h Hotel Sator: Minohelova 826 T716-1111 ab s1000 d1500sk Top class, excellent service.
h Hotel Poprad ***: Partizanska 677/18 T 721287
ab s1400 d1950 bf
h Pension Tatry: Naletisko 72A closed

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